9 Books To Help You Deal With Depression And Anxiety

We’re going to talk about that taboo subject.

You know, the one everyone acts like they don’t feel, but 1 in 10 Americans take medicine for.

That taboo topic, that can ultimately lead to a lessened life, or even…death.

I’m talking about depression.

I know, I know, life is perfect. You don’t get depressed. You probably just get a little sad sometimes. A little anxious. You don’t want to be around anyone, and you certainly don’t want to talk about how you’re feeling. That might make people look at you different.

But if we’re honest with ourselves, which we have no reason not to be, we all have to fight against depressing feelings. Now, this may not apply to all types of depression. Some forms of depressions can’t be solved by a few books and a positive attitude. But, incorporating the following books into your life, may be a great supplement to the help of a doctor.

The following books are those I use in my life. I’ve been able to pull wisdom from each of these books to help make my life simpler, calmer, less stressful and more uplifting. And I know they can help you too.

1. Choose Yourself by James Altucher

Books for anxiety

James is a very open person. Very open. Talking about his depression and the thought of wishing he was dead is a regular event in his books and blog posts.

This books have a theme of business, but what I find helpful is it’s main purpose: Altucher has a focus on happiness. One of the biggest causes of depression is a lack of purpose. Your purpose in life may not be your work, but when you’re spending 8 hours a day in an unfulfilling place, your career is something to think about.

This book will not only give you tips on how to enjoy each day a little more, but will also help you begin your journey in finding your purpose.

2. I Feel Great And You Will Too by Pat Croce

Books for depression

Admittedly, the title of this book is incredibly corny. But, of all the books on the list, this one changed my life the most.

I first read this book when I was a freshman in college. At the time I was fat, confused about why I was in college, and spending all my time drinking and playing video games. I felt doomed. Everyone around me seemed to have something they were shooting for. But me, well, a successful day was not eating too many Cheetos and maybe making it to class.

Croce tells the story of his life in this book. How he went from nothing, to purpose. His main focus is helping you understand how to over come the mind games we play with ourselves. How our mind can be our greatest enemy or greatest weapon. The small tips and tricks for how to use your mind to your advantage began the positive course that I’m now on today.

3. Getting Things Done by David Allen

Books for depression

I’ve mentioned this book in another post about business. But it’s just as applicable here. You see, having a solid automated organization system is more important than you think.

One major cause of anxiety is the idea that we are overwhelmed. Usually, the feeling of being overwhelmed comes when we believe we have too much to do. But sometimes, we aren’t busy, we just aren’t organized well enough. The purpose of this book might not necessarily be about curing anxiety, but following the organization strategies will help relieve some of your overwhelmed symptoms.

4. The Magic Of Thinking Big by David Schwartz 
Books for depression

Future thinking can be a huge boost to your daily motivation. Sure, things might not be perfect now but keeping your mind focused on a bright and successful future will help keep you motivated to make something happen today.

No one wants to crawl through life hoping things will get better. It’s something we all have in common. But the difference in failing at life and making the most of it can be found in this book.

5. The Faith Of My Fathers by John McCain

Books for depression

You’ve probably been told that you shouldn’t find joy in the misery of others. Well, this book will change that. It’s not a typical self help book. It’s actually about life as a prisoner of war.

Now I don’t know about your political views of former Presidential Candidate John McCain, but his stories of suffering and overcoming the hate of the world are incredibly uplifting. If McCain was able to use the mindset he created living in the filth and torment of a Japanese prisoner camp, it’s a pretty safe bet to assume you can find some use for his practices in your battle as well.

6. Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald

Books for depression

Western culture has tool for everything. Planners, calendars, digital to-do lists, et cetera. But it’s all designed to help us with our public life. The one we can show others. The one we are all keeping in order to make ourselves appear happy.

But what about the organization of our spiritual life? Are we adding everything to our schedule, but not including the one thing that can bring us the peace we need in our day? While this book has a Christian message, it can be applied to any type of spirituality. It’s a great tool to help establish the spiritual life we need to remind us of what’s important.

7. How to Stop Worrying And Start Living by Dale Carnegie

Book to overcome depression

When you talk about books that help with anxiety, you can’t go wrong with this classic. It’s been read by millions of people looking to overcome their worrying habits.

The book is comprised of eight stories of worrying and it’s follies. Carnegie, walks you through the logic of why worrying, ultimately gets you nowhere. While most of the recommendations in this book are obvious, they are said in a way that makes them easy to follow. Not to mention having examples of how they have worked, make application to your life a bit easier.

8. Make Today Count by John Maxwell 
Book to help with depression

If you’re looking for a quick read, this is the one for you.

When it comes to having a healthy and balanced life, it’s all about determining your values. Once you’ve done that, you can begin to organize all areas of your life and begin to see growth.

Maxwell, simply breaks down how to evaluate your values and areas where they must be applied to lead a fulfilling life.

9. Man’s Search For Meaning by Victor Frankel

Books for people with depression

Listen, if there is one book to read it’s this one. Written by a psychologist during his time in a German concentration camp, the book explores the inner workings of the mind. Frankel examines how the mind, under terrible circumstances can either see the positive side of life or the negative.

He watched as death and decay was all around him. As his fellow Jews died and how some were able to fight back death, through their mental views of the world.

This book is deep and heavy, but if you can digest the message that Frankel is giving you, you will have a mindset to battle any form depression might take in your life.

We would love to hear your thoughts after reading some of these books, and others that have helped you on your journey. Let us know in the comments below.


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