A Negative Mind Pattern You Need to Interrupt

There's one negative mind pattern that is so sneaky and destructive.

This pattern ends up making bad situations even worse, and good situations ripe for issues! So in every way you want to see this pattern and stamp it out promptly.

Tune in below for this Daily Inspiration video and as you're listening, please consider these questions:

  • Do you notice how your mind does this?
  • Are there particular people/situations where it does this most?
  • Are you ready to take your power back?

1 Negative Mind Pattern You Need to Interrupt

“I don't need to focus on and fix everything. I give myself permission to focus on just this 1 thing, and to bring solution eyes to it.”

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9 Responses

  1. “solution eyes” — excellent! Also love the distinction between “catalysing or catastrophising”.
    Really smart and useful. I have found that when my mind gets on a negative train (obsessing over a problem/s), I can write down the issue and then make my mind let it go. It works for me.
    Thanks so much, B. You are a daily inspiration. 🙂

    1. Hey Linda, thanks for sharing what works for you, that’s awesome. It’s so great when we play with different ways to deal with challenges like this, and find one that resonates and works! Much love to you, B 🙂

  2. Confused, I noticed one lie, forgave. Noticed lie by omission, made excuses, secrecy leading to bankruptcy, sleep apnea, stress leading to illness,( that is life). Losing career, financial sufficiency, house,….I kept making excuses…I am not going to give up on my marriage or him……breakdown, burn out…its then I began going over and over all the things that happen…Why? How?…with few answers. Do I just forget it and move on, only to allow a string of bad events to happen..again, and again ,…..I have gone over my belief system etc…but …

  3. Just clicked on this after a row with my husband. Yes, I focused on one negative trait and immediately thought of all the others. Problem is, I don’t think he will ever change or at least I don’t trust him to change in this area and this trait affects me directly in a financial area! Also embarrasses me.

    1. Hey Roxanne, I hear you. Have you talked to him about the issue? I am guessing you probably have tried this already. I have a video on how to approach difficult conversations in a particular way, in order to hopefully optimize the outcome. It’s for pre-planning a conversation on a difficult topic at a time when you’re both calm, and in good headspace, and how to prepare and deliver it. It can also help, if conversations become argumentative or heated, to try writing a letter instead. I’ve put the link below in case it’s helpful…

  4. I think B is really helpful as her points are explained clearly and in depth! Thank you B!

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