There are points in your life when it's time to let go of certain people.

You know you need to detach, to release them and to move on.

This might be in your personal or professional networks.

Relationships do naturally evolve or devolve over time as individuals grow. There's nothing wrong with that. As the saying goes…

Relationships can be for a season, reason or lifetime.

It's okay to feel like you want to move on. It doesn't make the other person wrong or bad. Nor does it make you right. It just is.

Letting go of someone and moving on is simply about trusting your intuition as to what feels like the highest path forward for all involved.

This audio contains one simple tip for energetically releasing people that you no longer want to have in your life…

Love and warmest wishes, Bernadette

6 thoughts on “A Tip for Releasing People You No Longer Want in Your Life

  1. Nicole says:

    Thank you B. This hit home for me big time, I will try it this a.m. when this one person hits my mind hard.
    One idea of mine is: if a person comes into my thoughts that I have difficulty with I pray for them. Turning around my thinking dark thoughts into beautiful light thoughts benefits us both. It works….but some days I pray all day.giggle.
    I love living in the light. Best day to you.

    • Bernadette Logue says:

      Hi Nicole, that’s a great practice Nicole! It’s all about finding a ritual that serves us and serves the other, so that everyone can be released from any low vibration energy going on. Inner peace for each of us then emanates outward, creating outer peace for all. With love! B 🙂

  2. Shane says:

    Hi B,
    Thank you so much for this video. Indeed, I will be using this to release some members of my family who do not accept me due to their religious beliefs. I am doing my best to do this in love, though here are many emotions surrounding this, and am focusing on the fact that this is best for everyone, though not everyone in my family would are with this. Thank you again, B. Your messages are heartfelt and inpiring.

  3. Pam says:

    My sister and myself are in our 60’s. We recently had an event which she started shaming me about financial matters. Somme members of my family own me some money over $1,000 and haven’t return payment. She told me to pray for forgiveness but that does not reimburse on what I provided on retirement income for their bills. I think it was a maneuver tactic to toe me on the line. I a tire of being the family doormat, started to speak my mind, and I think they trying to box me back in a corner. My life is peaceful when I don’t have to deal with them. My brother and myself are both on retirement income and try to help out our older sister on limited income because we know she struggles. Her daughter and husband make good money, don’t offer to reimburse us for some of her expenditures, but they can go buy things they want. So my brother decide to cut off helping her out because the daughter didn’t want to contribute or reimburse any expenses. I am an animal advocate, handling cat medical expenses because of a severe flea allergy. I am following my gut feeling voicing my concerns about my boundaries and everyone is in an uproar.

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