Are You Accidentally Bonding With People Over Negativity?

It's time to call yourself on this…

Are you bonding with people over negativity?

Family, friends, partner, work colleagues… finding common ground in what you don't want, don't like, or even hate, and then falling into patterns together of judgement, gossip, complaining and blaming.

No matter whether it's just one person you do it with, or many, no matter if it's subtle or obvious, it's time to choose better for yourself and for them. Bond over something positive, fun, meaningful, important and/or progressive. But the change has to start with you. Lead the way!

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2 Responses

  1. Oh B! This could not have come at a more needed time. My nerve endings are at their max and I’ve been viewing every little subtlety as an affront towards me by co-worker friends. Knowing I have to be the one was just reaffirmed! Thank you! God bless!

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