7 Valuable Lessons for Achieving Your Dreams

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Is there anything more exciting than the journey of achieving dreams in your life?

It's SO juicy!

I love waking up every day with the vast expanse of life before me and having yet another opportunity to imagine, activate and create dreams that inspire me.

And while having a dream and anticipating the realization of it is awesome, and embarking on the adventure is thrilling, there are some challenges that come with achieving dreams.

Having gone about achieving dreams in various areas of my life, and going at it in a big and bold way over the last 7 years, I've faced many challenges and learned quite a few valuable lessons!

Many of those lessons were hard won – meaning I went through pain to figure them out. And, I wish I had known these things at the very start so I could have avoided prolonging that pain!

So to help you on your journey of achieving dreams in your own life, I've collated 7 of the important lessons into this coaching video.

And these things apply whether you're at the very start and aren't doing anything to achieve your dream (ie. it's just an idea you haven't acted upon), or whether you're in full flight making it happen.

Achieving Dreams – 7 Valuable Lessons Learned


  1. There's no clear and direct A-Z path. It's a journey that can weave all over the place, and that's okay! Your path will evolve and change as you step forward. You will evolve as you go about achieving your dreams. And… your goal/dream itself may change as a result. It's a natural progression. Don't be rigid – allow flexibility in how things unfold within yourself and with the way you go about achieving your outcomes.
  2. There are meant to be challenges. They are part of HOW you achieve a dream. They will offer you SO much value and prompt you into the right direction, IF you're willing to look at them this way and take the lessons on offer.
  3. It's likely that you'll never feel completely ready and will always feel some fear, and neither will stop you. Step forward anyway.
  4. Uncertainty serves you very well. It is the breeding ground of all great possibility. And, most importantly… if you knew with certainty everything that would happen, how it would happen, what would be required of you, and the full extent of what lies ahead, you would probably be overwhelmed and paralysed. You'd never get started. Not knowing is MUCH better. Ignorance in this case can be bliss. And at the end you will be grateful you took the journey and you'll relish the outcome and celebrate all the effort, challenges, learning and growth you went through to get to the goodies at the end of the rainbow.
  5. For big goals it helps to chunk them down into phases, and steps within each phase. Of course look at the big picture from where you stand right now, and map as best you can a pathway there. But then focus on the phase directly in front of you (e.g 1-3 months) and the steps within it. Then focus just on the next most obvious step you can take immediately within that plan. Once you near completion of that phase, then reassess the big picture and see if it's still the same, and if the pathway there is the same or needs adjustment. Then create your next phase (1-3 months) and the steps within it. Then focus on the next most obvious step you can take immediately within that plan. Then rinse and repeat. “Chunking” your action plan into phases this way allows you to be most productive and effective with your focus, time and effort, and to not become overwhelmed.
  6. Be realistic with your timeframes. If you must put deadlines on your steps and achievement of your dream, then do this in a way that motivates and inspires you, not that stresses you out and burdens you.
  7. Make your dream a priority. Where attention goes, energy flows. Where energy flows, something grows.
When it comes to big dreams, you'll likely never feel ready & will likely always feel fear. Both are normal & neither stop you. Get started.Click To Tweet

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