Strength Challenge

Take the 4 Week Strength Challenge!

Listen daily to the affirmation audios in this 4-part Strength Series. 

We're up to Week 2, with Affirmations for Positive Thinking & Confidence, but if you missed Week 1, you can also access that below.

Ready for a strong mindset?! Bookmark this page or this Youtube link and listen to the audio below every day for a week, before moving onto the next audio in the series.

Affirmations for Positive Thinking & Confidence

To help you strengthen your mindset and confidence, below is a transcript of the affirmation statements from the above audio, so you can read and repeat to yourself regularly:

I was born with everything I need already inside of me
I am strong
I am resilient
I am patient
I am kind to myself
I am human and I am allowed to be imperfect
I am perfect just as I am including all my imperfections
I am doing my best every day and that's all life asks of me
I am accepting
I am allowing
I am smart
I am grateful
I look at life through an optimistic lens
I look at life willing to see the potential and possibilities
I see miracles and blessings in my life
I remember I am stronger than I even realize
I love to choose positive thoughts
Choosing helpful thoughts makes me feel good
There are many perspectives I can choose, so I choose the ones that lift me up
I am inspired
I have great ideas
I am valuable
I am worthy
I am good enough
I am enough
I validate myself
I am complete
I embrace who I am
I love myself
I accept myself
I am able to overcome any challenges
I am able to find or create solutions when I need them
I am resourceful
I am capable of creating results and achieving my goals
I am free
I am peaceful
I am happy
I am courageous
I am safe
I allow myself to calmly process difficult thoughts and feelings
It is safe to have difficult thoughts and feelings
I am human and I allow myself to feel all my human emotions
I guide my mind into thoughts that support me
I notice any unhelpful thoughts and calmly remember I can choose a new thought
I am the master of my mind
I am the leader of my life
I am willing to be a confident leader of my mind and my life
I choose confidence
I like who I am
I am patient and forgiving of myself
I show compasison toward myself
I do loving things for myself
I take good care of my own needs
I have healthy boundaries
I live in a balanced way to care for my mind, body and soul
I am comfortable in my own skin
What others think is their business, I focus on me
I validate myself each day
I embrace all my quirks and uniqueness
I am loveable and acceptable exactly as I am
I am capable of doing great things
I choose to do things that light up my heart and make me happy
Each day I fill my mind with positive thoughts
To be positive is to take the empowered viewpoint in any situation
I am empowered
My mind listens to what I say to myself, and it learns from me
I practice kind and and supportive self talk
I honor myself by treating myself well
When I notice unhelpful thoughts, I say “I am willing to see this differently”
I am allowed to let thoughts come and go
It is okay to have difficult thoughts
My core nature is love and empowerment
I am gently leading my mind to love based thoughts
I practice loving intention toward myself and others
I am forgiving of myself and others
My confidence comes from accepting myself just as I am
There is nothing more or less I need to be, I am exactly as I was created to be for a reason
If others find me too much or too little, that is a reflection of them
I love myself fully and completely
I give myself permission to make mistakes and be imperfect
I am confident in one thing… that is loving and accepting myself as creation made me
I build my own confidence each day by boosting my own self esteem
I boost myself up with loving self talk
I boost myself up by choosing empowering thoughts about life
I boost myself up by focusing on gratitude
I remember I am always supported even if I feel alone at times
There is unseen loving support around me at all times
I draw my faith, courage and confidence from within me and from this universal support around me
I have purpose
My life has meaning
I accept myself
I choose to be loving toward myself
I choose to think positively
I choose to have confidence in myself

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Affirmations for Positive Thinking & Confidence

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