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Why You’re So Afraid of Change & 9 Tips for Feeling Better

Life is filled with change. It’s impossible to avoid it.

  • Positive changes – these types of changes are ones we bring upon ourselves because we choose to change things up for the better! Even though we WANT these changes, they can still bring up a lot of fear! After all, change creates uncertainty, and uncertainty is uncomfortable. We’re entering unknown territory so your fear radar is on high alert!
  • Negative changes – these types of changes are the ones that life forces upon us because unexpected things happen, things we don’t like, things outside of our control, and it can trigger a negative, anxious or fearful reaction from us.

If you’re afraid of change, and find it stressful, it’s completely okay. You’re not alone. It’s a VERY common problem, and there are plenty of resources to help you move forward positively.

9 Strategies for When You’re Afraid of Change

Here are 9 new ways to handle change so you can feel empowered and more at ease…

If you're afraid of change, you’re not alone. It's a VERY common problem. Here are 9 strategies for handling change so you can feel empowered and more at ease...
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Brooke Carter

Brooke Carter

Brooke is a writer who is passionate about helping people cultivate a positive and growth-oriented mindset. She believes that the way we think affects every aspect of our lives, and she's dedicated to helping people shift their mindset to achieve their goals. Brooke is known for her compassionate approach, practical advice, and ability to help people overcome limiting beliefs.
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