April 2018 Giving Back Update – Emotional Healing for Syrian Refugees

Emotional Healing Support for Syrian Refugee Children

Donated from: Master Your Mind online program

From our Master Your Mind online program intake of students in April 2018, we've collectively donated money to “Project Amal ou Salam” (Hope & Peace) via GreaterGood.org – a project which provides emotional support workshops for Syrian refugee children to help them with healing and developing optimism for the future. This donation provides workshop support to 195 children. Thank you to everyone who joined MYM in April!

Giving Back

“Project Amal ou Salam (Hope & Peace) offers emotional support to traumatized young Syrian refugees by facilitating workshops that are conducted in safe, nurturing environments. The goal of these workshops is to show these children that they are the hope for the future, and that they can rebuild their home. About half of the estimated 5 million Syrian refugees are children. Bring them hope during this time of turmoil. All it takes to give the gift of education to a child in need is 60 cents a day.” – Greatergood.org

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