Be inspired by the art of asking, with this Ted Talk by Amanda Palmer.

  • Will you allow yourself to receive?
  • Will you allow others to give to you?
  • Will you set aside any negative self-talk, limiting beliefs or stories that stop you from receiving abundance in your life?

When you follow your bliss and you give your gifts into the world, the Universe wants to support you. This shows up in your life as gifts, blessings, people wishing to assist you, and synchronicities occurring to leverage you forward – but all of these support mechanisms require you to open yourself to receiving.

It requires you to allow the support to be given to you. So, get ready to ask, and to receive.

I love how this video captures human connection – the moments when people really “see” each other and then reach out in compassion and support, to exchange value for value, which propels us all along our highest path forward in life.

With love, Bernadette

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