I've been conducting coaching recently for people wanting to create change in their life, and I noticed have prevalent it is for people to get stuck, hindered and pulled down by the negativity of others.

Surrounding yourself with people who support and uplift you is very important if you want to either a) change your life or b) make the great life you already have even better!

If we spend time around what I call “Negative Nelly” people then we get sucked into what I call the “Negativity Vortex”!

A major turning point for me in life was letting go of feeling like I had to be around people because I should, when some of them just didn't resonate with me, and didn't leave me feeling good after our interactions.

I made a conscious choice to a) only surround myself with “shiny people” (they are awesome people who live their lives full of possibility and positivity) and b) if I had to be around “Negative Nellies” then I consciously reinforced my positivity to protect me from being hindered by that bad energy.

As an energy/healing practitioner, I know first hand that negative interactions and the negative energy of others can actually leave a ‘residue' with us, and we just don't need handbrakes like that when we're looking to live the greatness we were born for!

It doesn't necessarily mean having to move away from people who aren't as positive as you are, but it definitely means being aware of it, and ensuring you don't take on any negativity that you might encounter.

The collective fear and the collective pessimism in our world doesn't have to affect you, if you become aware of it when you see it and choose not to take it on board.

With love, Bernadette

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