How to deal with Loneliness

Beating Loneliness: 100 Things We Must All Remember

Last week, I wrote an article titled: 7 Must Do’s While You’re Single. It was my most popular post with over 250,000 views in one week. But there was one consistent theme throughout the comments: Loneliness – How do you deal with it?

This was tough. I scoured the internet looking for an emotionally mature answer. A practical solution. A truly helpful idea that I could offer my readers. But I couldn’t. Sure, I found lists, dumb advice, and even doctors talking about prescribing medicine! But thank God for this lovely young woman Tanya Davis. She took the concept of loneliness to a depth I could not compete with. Her words are not only healing, but assuring. I hope this video brings you closer to creating the life you’re made for.

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