Things you must tell your kids

5 Things to Tell Your Kids Before You Die

There are certain things that we all need to hear, no matter how old we are, and we want to hear them directly from our parents.

Whether we’re little ones, teens, young adults or grown adults… we’re never too young or too old to hear these 5 important things I’m about to share with you.

Before we dive in, this article applies not just to parents! Maybe you are a parent now or you’re planning on having children, or maybe you’re a guardian, a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, or maybe you’re a leader in your community where younger people look to you for empowerment.

What would our world be like if every day parents and role models were sharing these messages with younger generations…

1. Thank you – you give my life purpose and joy

There is nothing in life more valuable than the relationships we have with our loved ones.

These relationships bring purpose into our lives, and joy. The purpose of parenthood is unlike anything else, giving life to and raising another human being… brings a new level of depth and meaning to our life journey.

Tell your children this! Let them know the gravity of their value, purpose and meaning in your life, how much they have enriched your world!

2. I love you – every moment, including all the times I don’t say it or act that way

People of all ages need to receive love and affirmation to support them on their journey in life, and it’s super important to get that directly from parents or guardians.

Children look to their parents and immediate role models (guardians and grandparents for example) for bonding, security, safety, acceptance and unconditional love.

It’s not enough to be loving. This world can be a challenging place, and each soul needs to HEAR the words, I love you.

3. I’m sorry – for anything that I’ve said or done, or not said or done that might have let you down

No one is perfect, and the ability to say “I’m sorry” goes a long way to building bonds and sense of security in a relationship.

While most of know this, we may not think about this in terms of the parent/child relationship. Most of the time we immediately think of children needing to say sorry for doing something wrong, or not meeting expectations, or being naughty. But what about when adults get it wrong?

When adults say sorry, it teaches children valuable lessons in humility, making amends, and forgiveness, and it also builds an deeper level of trust.

4. You’re an incredible person – what I appreciate most about you is…

How good does it feel when someone praises you for some inherent part of your nature/personality?

It’s a huge affirmation, a confidence booster, a wave of love washes over you.

By praising children, we cement the essentials for life… self esteem, self confidence, self belief and self love.

5. I’m proud of you – for who you are, no matter what you do

In a society that is built to condition people to strive to be more, get more and do more, too many children grow up thinking they need to achieve certain standards in order to be loved and in order for their parents to be proud of them.

Because social media, mass media, news and advertising are all working hard to condition young minds to become more, do more, get more, succeed, strive and look a certain way in order to be “good”, it’s our job to tell the children in our lives that we are proud of them, full stop. We’re proud of them for who they are as a person, no matter what they do.

Children need to know that there is nothing they can do or not do, say or not say that will make them less or more loved. They are magical just as they are.

This gives children the mindset and emotional foundation necessary to thrive in their life… so they can go out into life to creatively and intuitively follow their heart’s desire to whatever they freely choose to be, do and experience in this world. Not for validation or acceptance, just for the joy of it.

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