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When I first became interested in working from home, I worried about how I would manage my time and organize my business without the luxuries of my workplace's resources and connections. But going into my third year of working from home, I have found ways to successfully streamline my business.


We want to help set YOU up for success in your work-from-home business, so we've compiled a list of resources:

Website + Blogging Tools

WordPress.org-when I first started blogging, I used wordpress.com. But I quickly learned the importance of owning my site. With wordpress.org, you have complete control of your site and can customize each template, add plugins, and even incorporate coding.

Squarespace-a platform for bloggers with “ease” in mind. It provides visually stunning website designs and extensive styling options with a loyal customer service to help along the way.

Convertkit– easily integrates with WordPress, provides emails, automation, and course templates that are easy to use. Also, take note of their reliable support team!

Leadpages– create landing pages on your website for sales, registration, videos and more!

Mailchimp– an email marketing service that provides templates and saves lists of subscribers for automated emails and newsletters.

Google Drive– holds spreadsheets, docs, and can be shared with team members to view and edit as needed.

Hosting Domains

GoDaddy-a hosting domain for blogs and websites. You can purchase a domain name here as well.

BlueHost– another hosting domain with quality customer service. Bluehost provides storage space and easy to use tools for beginners.

[DISCLOSURE: The Daily Positive is an affiliate promotional partner of Bluehost. We receive affiliate referral commissions if purchases are made through the above links. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed in this blog article are the opinions of the Author alone (the Author's bio and details are provided at the bottom of this article).]

Course Delivery

Udemy-a place to host your course that provides free traffic and marketing.

Zippy Courses– a simple way to teach online courses. No software setup or coding necessary.

Teachable-scalable, automated, and easy to use. No tech expertise is needed.

Graphics Creation

Canva-graphic and social media images creator. Provides templates and fonts to create eye-catching images.

PicMonkey– advanced photo editor for eye-catching images.


Skype-contact clients or team members through phone, video, or instant messaging.

Google Hangout– screen-share with your team and use to provide valuable teaching webinars.

Periscope– offer live broadcasts to your audience!


Trello-organize ideas in an easy to use and share “idea-board.”

Evernote-record ideas, make notes, checklists, and any other organizational business reminders.

Hootsuite– schedule social media posts.

Google Drive–  holds spreadsheets, docs, and can be shared with team members to view and edit as needed.


Etsy-an easy to use website to sell your products.

Shopify-a payment platform and website for an online retail store.

You don't need to use every resource on this list, but pick and choose a few and watch how they benefit your business, increase your productivity, and streamline your work responsibilities. Then, let us know YOUR favorite business + blogging tools!

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