I grew up with a pretty serious heart condition. I was hospitalized a few times as a child and it was quite traumatic.

In elementary school I remember feeling more vulnerable or different or incomplete than the other kids. It wasn't until I was older that I realized everyone has something wrong with their body.

You are good enough don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Even with our flaws, does that mean we're less valuable? Of course not. We are perfect. The video below proves it.

Have you ever struggled with your body? How did this video make you feel? Let me know in the comments below.

54 thoughts on “Your Body Is Perfect. This Will Prove it.

  1. Simona Burฤรญkovรก says:

    That’s so beautiful. I couldn’t help myself, I even cried a little. So inspirational. Very good job ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. gmdee says:

    Very inspiring! It makes you think about your life and how lucky you are at the end of the day.

      • gmdee says:

        And to think that we worry about the most superficial of things on our bodies, I once worked at a mortuary for community service (I know a little left field), and it made me realize how pointless it is to parade superficial stuff that adds nothing to character.

  3. Angie says:

    We may struggle with the bodies we have while we are on earth, but we look forward to no pain and suffering when we reach heaven! Praise God!

  4. Kim says:

    I think that the person who made the “true to life” mannequins is amazingly insightful. What a special moment for those whose bodies were celebrated. Really tugged at my heart and made me think about just how fortunate I am to have the body that I have.

  5. S.F.H. says:

    Two years ago I experienced the feeling of being different for the first time while under treatment for cancer. I and my husband noticed peoples reactions and found the experience very interesting. Today, as I prepare myself for surgery to put back what was taken, I view my scars as part of my story and my new image.

  6. sherri says:

    This video made me tear up! It was so beautiful to see someone finally bring the real body into fashion world . Thank you, thank you so much for this in site full piece.

    • Dale Partridge says:

      I agree! Our fashion world is too shallow and when I saw this I knew I needed to share

  7. Jessica Fridh says:

    This is so inpowering and strong, beeing born in an what the world sees as an inperfekt body. Thank you!!

  8. ffpaws says:

    There are no flaws, just flawed vision and mindsets. This is beautiful and an inspiration to me as I am dealing with Ankylosing Spondylitis, as disease that can seriously deform me as it progresses if the medications do not work. I have been feeling very self-conscious since my ribs on the right stick out and look anorexic. Thank you for sharing this. This will help me to look at myself through God’s eyes instead of my own.

  9. Leigh Ann says:

    Beautiful. Makes you think “what is a perfect body?” Does it matter? No…as long as you live and celebrate the life you were gifted…that’s what matters. We are all the same in God’s eyes.

    • Dale Partridge says:

      We sure are. There are too many awesome people to meet and places to see to worry about such trivial things ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Leah says:

    I’ve always told my kids … are you perfect? No. Am I perfect? No. Is anyone perfect? No. Just Jesus. Are you Jesus? Am I? So don’t worry about being perfect. That’s not what we’re here for. What a beautiful project to do. All those people, artists, craftspeople, models, film makers just gorgeous.

  11. Shirley says:

    Absolutely wonderful, amazing, overwhelming, beautiful, and I feel so ashamed of myself for worrying over silly things about myself instead of being thankful and appreciative of the me that I am. Thank you Dale Partridge.

  12. hollie white says:

    I grew up with three severely handicap brothers I know all to well how people see them imperfect tho they are the most perfect people I have yet to meet. This was amazing! I hope one day the words sees it

  13. Lauren says:

    This was overwhelmingly beautiful. It’s hard sometimes to step outside your own mind and look at all the wonderful, different people there are on this earth. Everyone is unique, and that’s what makes us all so special.

    • Dale Partridge says:

      Yes it definitely is not the easiest, and sometimes it may be a daily struggle. But so worth it once we do realize there is beauty in being unique. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Jami says:

    i’ve seen this video before and am equally enrapt watching it again โ€ฆ and seeing how beautiful these people are and how delighted they are with their bodies. truly inspiring.

  15. Janika says:

    Oh man, this made me cry. After a lifetime of struggling with body image lies, this really brought it home that we are all created in God’s beautiful likeness and image, which is the true reflection we should see and focus on. Wow.

  16. Sara says:

    We all strive to be ‘perfect’ in our society & watching this makes you really think. We are all perfectly unique. This make me have goose bumps & totally, tear jerker. Makes me totally rethink. We should all be thankful. Thank you for this moving video, Sara x

  17. Dominique says:

    Everything on this website is nothing less than inspiring …everything I watch on here has allowed me to better myself as a person …Thank you for that โ™ก

  18. Aranka1005 says:

    Amazing video! Thanks for that ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think we all have our imperfections, what is important is how you deal with them. I obviously have mine, but I no longer care because I know I’m beautiful anyway, just like everyone else in their own way. We should all just accept ourselves, even though it might seem hard.

  19. Chelcey says:

    Wow. That was really inspiring! I have always struggled with my weight and have constantly had body image issues. This video has shown me that I really have nothing to complain about, because it could always be worse.

    • LuLu says:

      Excatly. Its so sad that we all want to look a certain way and sometimes we hate how we really look and compare ourselves to people, meanwhile there are people with worse conditions. This video made me realise that apperance doesnt matter but its wants inside that matters and nothing else.

  20. LuLu says:

    Its so sad that we all want to look a certain way and sometimes we hate how we really look and compare ourselves to people, meanwhile there are people with worse conditions. This video made me realise that apperance doesnt matter but its wants inside that matters and nothing else.

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