Bully Calls News Anchor Fat. She Retaliates On Live T.V.

Most of us have either been bullied or been the bully. As a writer who hopes to help people find purpose, happiness, and healing for my readers, I sense many of us are still wounded from the bullies of our childhood.

This woman is straight up incredible. At 0:22 you will be dumbfounded by the idiot who attacks her. At 1:45 I love her vulnerability. At 3:07 She calls out much of America. At 4:06 she drops wisdom that too many of us need, or needed to hear.

I'm almost 29 years old. Bullying was not nearly as amplified during my childhood as it is today. With the absence of the internet, social networks, and a camera on every person – my generation lived in a much safer era. But that's simply not the case today. Let's change this.

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23 Responses

  1. I love it ! Bullying is so common that people do it even to someone who has a media platform to sound off and fight back. I have this social trend, its very disturbing a sad. Ruins so many lives ! I had this happen and it literally ruined my career .

  2. Her message to young people made me cry. There are so many times that I forget to love myself because “bullies” (especially in my adult life) try to tear me down and belittle my accomplishments by pointing out each and every one of my faults. It’s amazing what other people will do to make others feel small. My dad always told me to be kinder than you feel. I would never want my words to hurt someone the way that others’ words have hurt me. I want to be a force of light and love. There is enough darkness in the world without any more contribution to it.

  3. I work with a woman who is a bully. She is mean and nasty and extremely hurtful – management stands by and just watches it happening and does nothing to stop her. New employees are her favorite targets. She portrays herself as the victim.

      1. Lucy, im being bullied at work too. So i feel ur pain. But iv just started disciplinary action against the person as iv listened to the rubbish spouting from her for 5 years too long. It has actually made me ill. ๐Ÿ™ iv been off work with anxiety and panic attacks since 4 days b4 xmas, the thought of going back to work makes me feel ill.
        Im now on medication – iv had to listen to how crap i am, how im untrustworthy, how my hair is a mess, im rude to customers (never) im rubbish at my job, and really just anything that takes her fancy that day. All my colleagues are standing by her – no one with me – i have had words with her line manager amd have taken it higher again, but still nothing has been done, i handed in a diary of incidents, still nothing was done. Finally, i started a formal grievance procedure – they dont seem to believe me – i want to just run away – i wonder if im strong enough to see the procedure through although my family and few friends that know about this are behind me 100%.
        I have no idea WHY this person has singled me out and i have no idea WHY you would wish to belittle someone so terribly on a daily basis. Bullies are scum!!! ๐Ÿ™

  4. This May sound harsh, but the extreme of the bully message is that some parents are crying “bully” when it is their child that is the bully. Yes there are real bully situations, but we are also at times, using the term loosely. I know of a situation where a child is crying to his parents that he is bullied when in fact he is shoving and being mean to others in his class. The parents can’t see the forest for the trees and I’m having to dance around and bow down to them because the are crying “bully”.

  5. If everyone put the energy that they use to belittle others into making themselves a better person, just think…

  6. I was bullied all of my childhood for being overweight, for having a big nose, for being Catholic and the list goes on. I am a very sensitive person. I thought it would get better as an adult, but it doesn’t. Bullys are everywhere. I would love to see the
    Violence in the Workplace include bullying. I am in SHOCK when it is happening! I can’t believe people can actually say things on purpose that are that hateful! I have been in recovery for a while and, although I still have a hard time setting boundaries when I am insulted, I don’t have a problem when a parent or someone is victimizing a child. I have approached a Mother beating their child in their car seat in parking lots, physically jerking a child around and dehumanizing while eating in public, men and women in grocery stores, when children are tired and hungry and are being children. I simply ask a person very calmly why they would treat their child with any less respect than they would treat their most treasured friend. The lady in the public eating facility got in my face and her Mother joined her, pouncing all over me about minding my own business. The Manager asked her to leave. She left, holding the child gently in her arms. It’s that easy. Call the parents of the kids bullying your child. This is not something that is going to go away, but we CAN step up to the plate and protect our most treasured in our lives, our children!

    1. Thanks for sharing Margaret. Your story is powerful. You are amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I was bullied in 6th grade because I was socially awkward (had no social skills b/c I was homeschooled through elementary), easily embarrassed and turned a deep red, and I wore the same jeans every day. Mom didn’t work, dad was just an E4, and I was one of 3 kids. So of course I wore the same jeans every day – we couldn’t afford more. They had patches that I had sewn on the knees myself when they got holes in them – in the shapes of hearts and flowers, so it was really obvious they were the same jeans. Anyway, they cornered me in the hall, found me in gym, made fun of my super white skin – I dry-heaved every day before school because I was so scared. I’d eat from my lunchbox secretly during class then escape to the library during lunch hour or stay with my teacher, who loved me, probably because I was so quiet and made good grades. I was lucky none of the bullies were in my main classes, just gym and health and a few other non-core classes. It took me all of 7th to recover and start making friends, and finally in 8th one of the girls who had broken away from that group apologized for the bullying. That’s a lot more than most kids get. I’m just lucky none were brazen enough to physically mess with me. It was all verbal attacks. And I’m lucky we didn’t have internet in my house back then. It could’ve been a lot worse.

    1. Wow. This is powerful Lesley. People can be so cruel. You are none of things people called you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I was made fun of from 5th-10th grade, for a slew of absurd things. Which now wouldn’t bother me as much, but then when I was soloed out from the crowd and mocked, teased, harassed, it hurt a lot. But my folks gave me the best advice and that was; to be a duck, and let all the cruel hurtful things people say just roll off like water on a ducks back. They reminded me that you never know someone’s back story or if there is a reason behind why they’re being mean. It doesn’t make it okay, but to keep that in mind and to not be cruel or hateful back.

  9. Hi, I was bullied too, for most of my childood. Even my own brother was to it, in the bus, at scool and at home. I still have some traces of, scares and fears. I’m 47. Thanks for your resilience as you inspire me and give hope that it WILL end one day. By your testimony you pointed out the thickness of your skin….you are so much real. Thickness….nan……dept !

  10. Great words every kid should hear. I was picked on from elementary school through my junior year in high school. It sucks. Even though it tapered off in high school, it does leave marks. It’s gotten better in the last several years, but still, sometimes, walking past people who are laughing – my first thought is that they are laughing at me. Because this is what I experienced for so many years as a kid. I would be afraid to try something new and fun, whether it was a hair style or clothes, because anything different or new would be ridiculed. Luckily, I now enjoy pops of quirkiness in my life and trying new styles. But it took many, many years to feel comfortable and confident enough to do whatever made me happy without caring what others thought.

  11. I was also bullied in elementary and middle school. Kids talked about my hair, clothes, appearance, compared me to others and so on and so forth. I never realized how much it effected me until I went to college and I began to notice how insecure I was with myself. Since then I have healed with God’s help and I’m so confident and comfortable with the skin I’m in. I love how this lady addressed the issue surrounding her weight and the negative comments. I applaud her tact, professionalism, and maturity. Way to go! BTW, I’m loving everyone else’s stories!!

  12. Jennifer Livingstone you are beautiful and you are an inspiration to young women everywhere. Contrary to what that idiot thinks.. you ARE being a great role model by showing girls that you can be beautiful and smart no matter what your size. Heaven only knows what challenges you have had to face. Thank you for making this public. the schoolyard has always been a battleground.. the bullying has just adopted the technology as another weapon. Bullying cost me my education… I am 48 and still trying to fulfill my dream of a university education.

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