What It Really Feels Like To Be Bullied – From The Voice of a 12 Year Old.

This poem was written for a school assessment in 2017. At this time in my life, I was experiencing bullying and wasn’t happy at school, and this was my way of expressing how I felt through my writing.

In this piece, I portray loneliness and how it can make people feel, based on my own bullying experiences. By writing this, I was able to express what I was feeling about my situation and it helped me to unleash some deep emotions.

If you’re experiencing bullying or are feeling lonely, I hope this writing will help you to understand you’re not alone, that other people may be feeling similar to you and that everything that happens to us in life can be used as a lesson for growth.


Loneliness is a poison that penetrates through your blood,
a shadow that follows you through the whispering corridors,
it is as fierce as a sabertooth tiger ripping, tearing, shredding, detrimental to sanity.

Loneliness never had friends and never will have friends.
They all were stolen, scraped away by surrounders and sucked into a non-existent black hole.

It stalks.
It looks down on the others, craving and dreaming of joining a group.
Loneliness yearns to know what life would be like in an opposite body.
It wonders why the universe chose.

Loneliness has no special, personal abilities, characteristics or qualities.
It is very territorial, it eats away at any other sign of feeling or emotion.
Loneliness moans and cries every spare moment.


Loneliness is the accurate antithetical of peace and serenity.
It can be undefined, uncharted, yet it feels alike, however many occurrences.

Loneliness has ice blonde hair, a soft, neutral skin tone and electric blue eyes that appear to stare you down, cold and unsettling.

Loneliness is the lone wolf, the outcast. Loneliness classifies as nobody – no age, no gender, no ethnicity.

Loneliness is a rain drop cascading down a crevice, unconditionally isolated, an unaccompanied creature stumbling into the dark eyes of an abandoned abyss.

Loneliness drags around dull, ashed grey, suit. An unmistakable radiation coming from, yet no-one understands it enough to adore it.

Loneliness sweeps you off your feet, sometimes when you least expect it and crashes down on you like a tidal wave to zap away all of your other emotion, no different to a dementor’s kiss.

Loneliness creeps up behind you as if it were the haunting shadow that sneaks past your room at midnight.

Loneliness is violently capable of morphing you into an unfamiliar being, it will guide you down a rare and individual path, dragging you from your untroubled track.

Loneliness keeps your mind wandering to the dark and the inky. It rolls over you like a steamroller would tumble over the pouring mountains.

You can hear Loneliness’ wails and whimpers echoing through your empty soul as it bustles through your bones, trapped in its own prison cage, soaking, sinking into misery and sadness.


Loneliness lives under a mournful bridge in a solemn corner, deep and distant from others.

Captivating. Powerful. Intense. Burden. Pressure. Suffering. Force. Doubt. Fear. Sly. Swallowed. Forgotten.


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Kaiah Kerekere

Kaiah Kerekere

Kaiah loves expressing her creativity through writing, music, and art. She is a vegetarian, animal rights and environmental advocate, who enjoys making positive conscious choices. She believes in, and is inspired by, being truthful to herself and living an authentic life. Kaiah is twelve years old and lives in beautiful New Zealand.
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