A Key to Changing Habits & Breaking Old Patterns

Tried to change a habit before and it didn't work? You keep running the same pattern and can't figure out why?

No matter what method or approach you use for changing habits and breaking old patterns, in this video is one insight that is vital to your success.

Tune in and apply this in your unique situation right now, to break free of what is limiting you.

To share your thoughts, questions or experiences, please do leave a comment below.

With love, Bernadette

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4 Responses

  1. I love reading, watching and listening to your wonderful advice, and I’ve noticed a lot of your advice evolves around setting goals which is great but, what if you find yourself in a position that you have no idea what you want or what goals you want to set ?

    1. Hey Carmel, I hear you! My suggestion is to momentarily forget the idea of “goals” then, and instead focus on: a) what makes me happy b) what is meaningful to me c) what topics interest me d) if I had a bucket list and I wanted to maximize the days of my precious life while here, what would I want to do e) what are my personal values and what I hold dear to my heart f) what do I think the world needs more of g) where might I make a difference in the world/lives of others h) what have I previously said I want to do but never got around to i) what areas of my life are not working at 100% functionality (optimized)? Does my health need fine tuning, what about my relationships, my career, my finances… where could I take my life to the next level? These are just a few prompts to get you going!

  2. Hi B,
    I’m reaching out to you from San Francisco, CA where I’m attending the DreamForce seminar and I came back to my hotel room to listen to your wonderful content on THE KEY TO CHANGING HABITS AND BREAKING OLD PATTERNS. I’m inspired by your commitment to serving others and for your focused solutions to transforming one’s life by applying your ideas and tools for personal growth. You Rock! I’ve been a subscriber to your site for some time, however, this is the first
    time that I’ve reached out to say THANK YOU for lifting me up with your dynamic message of hope, positivity, and change. Al the best, Gerald Chamales

    1. Hey Gerald, so nice to connect with you personally. Thanks for your message and for being a part of our community! Hope your seminar goes well and wishing you a beautiful week ahead!! Love, Bernadette

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