Mantra “This is Happening & I Choose Peace”

No matter what is happening around you or to you, there is always the option to pause and choose peace.

This mantra is a full acknowledgement of whatever is happening that you don't like (no point hiding from the facts!) teamed with an immediate empowering choice to cultivate peace anyway.

Use this on a daily basis to feel calm, allowing and in control…

A Mantra to Help You Choose Peace

Don't forget to leave a comment below. I'd love to support you in whatever you are choosing today.

Let me know what most triggers you into upset. And, will you declare your commitment to choosing peace on matter what?

With love, Bernadette

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4 Responses

  1. Oh my. So often I feel like you have been with me through my day as your words and wisdom are always what I need to feel encouraged and understood. I have struggled ever since I was little with feeling like I don’t have value and I matter. I’m learning that I would rather have peace than “be right” when conflict comes up. So many times I have tried so hard to try to get people to understand “my side” or to explain how I see a situation because I feel I’m always wrong and misunderstood or what I feel or think doesn’t matter or have value to others. Or I will be having a conversation with someone and I say what I think and it feels like what I’ve said is taken as an objection to overcome with a few examples of why I’m wrong. It makes me feel lost and I try to find a way to disappear because I am embarrassed and feel stupid for saying anything in the first place. I tell myself I should just be quiet and listen. I don’t need to interject my thoughts. I don’t need to voice my thoughts and opinions. So often there are lots of activities and things I just do by myself so I can have some peace and avoid conflict and the noise that goes on inside of me that makes me anxious when things aren’t calm and peaceful. So I guess it is because of my ego and the need to be right in order to feel validated? I have realized that I don’t necessarily want to “be right” I just want to be valued and appreciated for who I am regardless of my thoughts, beliefs, values or opinions. Several topics that you have shared have really hit home and are so relative to what I’ve struggled with for a very long time. It’s complicated trying to wrap my brain around this so I can let go and stop trying to over analyze situations to figure out how I can fix myself. It wears me out. I want to choose peace no matter what.

    1. Hi Louann, I sense what you’re going through and wanting to explain to people is less about wanting to be right, and more as you say… the desire to be seen, understood and validated. The challenge in this world is that sometimes people will “get you” and sometimes they won’t. Sometimes they will show their understanding and indicate they value you and sometimes they won’t. And it has nothing to do with you. It’s just where people are at themselves. Always give yourself what you most need and are looking for. Be what you are seeking. Validated yourself. See your own value. When we stop looking to get what we need from others in that way, and fill our own cup, it’s amazing how our relationships and interactions start to transform. It’s not that you won’t get beautiful love and appreciation from others, but the lesson is that we must be able to have that within ourselves also. Hugs to you. Bx

  2. Thanks B! I will adopt this mantra, particularly during family gatherings. I am the youngest of five siblings and my opinion I feel is never valued. The eye rolling is more than I can bear sometimes even though I may know more about the subject in question than they do. I made the mistake of telling my atheist family that I believe in ‘source’ and they have been trying to ‘religion’ me ever since because they are confused about what spirituality is, never having pondered it deeply themselves. It takes me a week to bring myself back to balance because of the energy I pick up. But I love them (& they love me) so I will remember and practice this mantra. Much love to you!

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