What The Color of Your Pee is Telling You

This topic is a bit of an odd ball, but I thought it was important. A positive life and career starts with a healthy body.

After a long weekend working outside, I began wondering why it's so difficult for me to keep a steady level of hydration… There are weeks where I drink plenty of water and others where I wonder if I drank any at all. For years doctors have linked dehydration to everything from low sex-drive and poor sleep to sluggish mental performance and even depression. That's not what I want.

The infographic below should tell you where you stand on the pee scale. Enjoy… and drink up my friends.


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9 Responses

  1. I never knew that you could drink too much water and might need to cut back. #thethingsIdonotknow

    1. Drinking too much water is definitely not my problem… I’ve got the opposite problem 😉

  2. I posted a water comment at ’10 super foods you should be eating weekly’ which I admitted at the time was an inappropriate venue. This is the place. I almost feel like printing cards stating DRINK MORE WATER. Acquaintances complain of a wide variety of symptoms, some of which you list, and not one believes it is from their aversion to plain water. They counter, ‘it has water in it’ referring to what they drink and eat. I drink 90 ounces of clean water in a 12 to 16 hour period. It is not too much for me personally ~summertime in the south, no A/C, working outdoors and active with young dogs. People seem under-informed as to the range of harm done by inadequate hydration.

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