How Color Will Make Your Business Successful Or Not

In 2010, I was asked to rebrand a $50 million air conditioning ducting company based out of Southern California. My agency at the time was tasked to develop everything from brand personality and design to a full website overhaul and even the company's new colors. 

It was this experience that made me realize brands and color are inextricably fused together. Color provides an instantaneous method for conveying message and meaning without words. It rallies emotion, it stimulates the mind, and it awakens distant memories. 

Interestingly, Harvard Business Science Center recently discovered that 60% off all first time brand decisions are based on color alone. Whoa! If you're a business owner, this should change your entire perspective on branding. What are your colors telling people? How is this affecting your business? Let this incredible infographic below help you find out. 


What is the color of your most memorable brand? How does it make you feel? Let me know in the comments below.

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10 Responses

  1. really interesting , It’s good to know how the colors have an influential role ,
    i can understand my feelings when I see and use the color for BRAND or designs.. i dont remember any memorable brand right now , but its important to know

    THANK YOU ! : )

  2. Would be nice if you would provide the cite for the Harvard Business Science Center item.

  3. This was a cool post. It is interesting how different colors convery different things. I think my favorite brand choice would be Apple. It is slick and suggests simplicity. I am glad they changed it from what it originally was. It use to be an apple with the whole color scheme and it was ugly, in my opinion. I’ll be sure to bookmark this. I am glad I chose red letters on a black background for my upcoming memoir of mental illness. Emotional intensity for sure : D.

    Have a great fourth of July weekend Dale and everyone else.

    1. Love this. Apple is a favorite of mine as well. They tell such a great story.

      Thanks for all the support Sebastian 🙂

  4. I really found this interesting since starting a business. Now I know what colors NOT to use 🙂

  5. Hey Dale, I’m a new subscriber and am loving your content, Ive been thinking alot about defining my own personal brand and associating it with colour. Do you think yellow would be a good choice to use as a colour identifier? Is it common to use yellow?

  6. Cool article Dale. Do you know if Harvard based their research on US or North American data only, or is this interpretation of colour universally culturally true for other parts of the world too ?

  7. i have heard of this first through my marketing class lecture. its a good reminder.
    Im an entrepreneur wannabee thought of following your page. this is good thanks

  8. Interesting article. Thank you. Color is indeed very powerful, yet there are still a few people who are aware of it’s power. I have been a fashion designer for many years and when I planned the wardrobes of my clients, I started with the colors that suited them best.

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