Confessions of a Spiritual Nomad – Part Five: Your GPS

Welcome to Part Five of our audio coaching series, Confessions of a Spiritual Nomad.

If you haven't tuned into earlier sessions in the series, you can access those at the links below:

In Part Five: Your GPS (Greater Purpose Statement), Bernadette Logue and Patricia Varley share the importance of defining and living from your own GPS, and how to do that.

Discover ways to identify your personal and professional mission and vision, and the types of questions that will take you into deeper aspects of yourself to understand what really lights your fire. Plus, discover why it's completely okay NOT to know what your life purpose is or what your ‘calling' is yet.

This audio coaching series is presented to you by two authentic, trail blazing spiritual nomads, who bring you empowering insights into how to live into your calling, having taking massive journeys of change in their own lives to do just that. They share how they came to know their own GPS (Greater Purpose Statement) and how they navigated their way into understanding what their purpose is, in order to support you to do the same.

About Your Coaches

Bernadette Logue is the Leader of The Daily Positive (formerly the Founder of Pinch Me Living), an Amazon Kindle best selling author, and a Transformation Life Coach.

Patricia Varley is an inspiring international speaker, retreat leader and certified Edgewalker coach.

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2 Responses

  1. Is there a text of this audio coaching series ? you speak so fast, i don’t understand everything 🙂

    audio coaching series
    audio coaching series
    audio coaching series

    1. Hi Nelly. This is an audio only series at this stage, a free service we’ve created for listeners. If we do turn it into a transcript, program or book in future we will certainly let you know here at thedailypositive.com. Our suggestion is to listen to small snippets of each audio, and pause as you listen, to reflect, take notes and to answer the questions that Patricia and I raise in each of the topics. We also recommend listening from Part 1, through to Part 5, as each topic builds on the last. Best wishes, Bernadette 🙂

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