Welcome to Part Four of our audio coaching series, Confessions of a Spiritual Nomad.

If you haven’t yet seen Parts One, Two and Three of the series you can access them here:

In Part Four: Reinvent Success & Your Life from the Inside Out, Bernadette Logue and Patricia Varley share how to clearly see what your own definition of success might be, how that may be limiting or leveraging you, and how to reinvent your model of success, and therefore your life, starting from the one single thing in the world that you can control… yourself!

Discover what external mechanisms, things and experiences in your life may be subconsciously filling a void and/or a need for validation, how this cycle depletes us, how to break out of that cycle and reclaim your inner peace, and how to then flow into success at all levels (internally and externally) from that authentic and anchored place within you.

To listen to Part Five in this series, about setting your own GPS (Greater Purpose Statement), click here.

About Your Coaches

This audio coaching series is presented to you by two authentic, trail blazing spiritual nomads, who bring you empowering insights into reinventing success, after taking massive journeys of change in their own lives to do just that. They share how success flows on all levels when you let go of defining yourself through the external world and reclaim your life at the deepest level.

Bernadette Logue is the Leader of The Daily Positive (formerly the Founder of Pinch Me Living), an Amazon Kindle best selling author, and a Transformation Life Coach.

Patricia Varley is an inspiring international speaker, retreat leader and certified Edgewalker coach.

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