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1 Question Conscious Business People Ask Each Morning

When it comes to creating results and being successful, it’s common for people to focus solely on what they’re doing. It’s all about the goal, the strategy, the action plan and execution. It’s a “human doing” approach.

And it does work. People create end outcomes this way, which is fine if you’re only interested in that tangible result. You get to the finish line. You complete the mission. You marvel at what you have achieved or created. The doing is done and you have something to show for it.

But sitting within that end result, looking back, what lays behind you in the wake of that tornado of action?

Who or what has been impacted upon by the bold, busy and unrelenting march forward into your much desired result?

Has anyone or anything paid a price unnecessarily?

Human doing-ness is risky, with costs and limitations, if no consideration is given to the more important component of getting results, success and happiness.

Consciously aware people know that in all areas of life (personal, social and professional) it’s all about how you are BEING while you go about doing what you are doing!


Two people could have the exact same goal, do the exact same things, and end up in the exact same tangible end result, but have completely different experiences of the process because of how they are being while they do it.

One person might go about it with dogged determination, feeling frazzled and stressed along the way, putting the end result first, fire-fighting, and doing whatever has to be done to get through/around people, situations and issues. They might put their own balance, health, relationships or family on the back-burner to get things done. They might even cut their own values if necessary in order to get the job done. Doing first. Way of being… not really considered. They might feel run-ragged at the end, as they try to marvel in their achievement, and feel the quick-hit of validation and recognition from other people. And they may also finally stop long enough to pay attention to how they are being and how they feel, and realize there is a little hollow inside – a quiet knowing within that it cost them something important to get to that end result. They paid a price.

The other person, however, might go about it with clear vision and dedication, a calm self-assurance, facing each situation with a bigger picture perspective and navigating the challenges accordingly. They might keep accurate perspective on the fact that balance, health, relationships and family cannot be back-burner aspects of life. Without these things they know there is no “life”, or at least no meaningful life. They make choices that are aligned to this higher and conscious perspective. They love the process of creating in the present moment, and of how it makes them feel to be interacting with others and with life. They marvel in their achievements all along the way, as well as in final reflection at the end. They can sleep easy knowing that they have walked their path in a way they are proud of – values-aligned, balanced and conscious. There is little cost.

It Flows Like This…

  • Your “way of being” influences how you do what you do.
  • How you do what you do dictates how you feel at the end result, and about the end result, and how you feel about yourself!
  • And, how you feel is EVERYTHING.

The 1 Question to Ask Yourself Every Morning

So, when you wake each morning, and the challenges of yesterday come into focus, and the never-ending “to do” list for the day ahead starts to run in your mind, and you feel yourself gearing up into human-doing-ness, remember…

Your results, success and happiness will not be meaningful if you focus solely on “What do I need to do today?”, and will instead transform if you ask yourself…

“How do I choose to BE today?”

Choose to be calm. Choose to be self-aware. Choose to be balanced. Choose to be a bigger picture thinker regarding how your actions impact yourself and others. Choose to be values-aligned. Choose to be a listener. Choose to be compassionate. Choose to be patient. Choose to be tolerant. Choose to be creative. Choose to be present. Choose to be savouring the day for what it is, rather than as a means-to-an-end for some future destination that seems vitally important. Choose to be grateful. Choose to be health-conscious. Choose to be gentle. Choose to be self-assured. Choose to be a conscious human-being.

You will be far more effective at what you do, because of how you choose to be, and you’ll have more fun along the way!

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