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EvolveHQ Membership & Community

Personal Development Membership

EvolveHQ is The Daily Positive's private, online personal growth membership and community, where you can evolve into your best self, and live your best life with everything you need to successfully do so.

As a subscribed member, you receive monthly personal growth resources spanning all levels within yourself (mind, body and soul) and all areas of your life.

We guide you with clarity about what to focus on to get best results, with top quality resources from experts, delivered in an on-demand online format that you can easy follow along step-by-step to learn, take action and get results in your daily life while being a part of a safe, supportive and empowering community vibe!

Master Your Mind Online Program

Master Your Mind is The Daily Positive's flagship educational program. We open enrollments twice a year for this popular 6 week power-packed online training, designed to transform your beliefs and thoughts.

Program participants are led through a practical, actionable step-by-step process to identify and breakdown mindset limitations and to then rebuild their paradigm in a powerful way.

The program is delivered via online videos, audios and exercises as well as weekly live coaching and QA classes, and includes access to online discussion forums to engage with other participants around the world as we all take the journey together.

Master Your Mind

Money & Me


The Money & Me Online Course will guide you through a step-by-step process to uncover and replace your limiting beliefs about money, allowing you to live the abundant life you deserve.

When it comes to creating mindset changes, it’s so important to be methodical and consistent, following a step by step process that provides a structure for success. The Money & Me Online Course has been designed to provide that experience for you, allowing you to show up and follow along with the guidance provided. This way you feel supported and know you ARE transforming your money mindset effectively.

The Confidence Formula Workshop

It's so important if you want to live with true confidence, to understand what is REALLY going on inside of you that causes that lack of confidence in the first place.

In truth, confidence issues are simply a SYMPTOM of something else going on inside of you. 

When you can cut straight to the heart of the matter and identify WHY you lack confidence, the TRUE ROOT CAUSE (hint: it's the same for every single person, and it's often not the answer you might think!), PLUS you get the tools for HOW to remedy that root cause issue... then you're in a powerful position to finally step into your birthright.

You were born to feel and live with genuine, unwavering confidence in who you are and what you do. That's why we created 'The Confidence Formula'...

Confidence Formula

Your Best Year Yet Workshop

Best Year Yet

Don't wait another moment - NOW is the time to start creating your best life! Here's just some of what you'll discover in this practical coaching workshop:

  • Get the 3 big-picture questions which will set the scene for designing your best year yet.
  • Have the critical mindset shift required to ensure this is your best year yet, no matter what happens.
  • Receive a step by step powerful action planning process which you can begin implementing immediately for real, lasting, positive change!

    "Your Best Year Yet" training is an on-demand online workshop. Get instant access. Click the button to learn more...

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