In this podcast episode (hosted by Nada Lena of Rise Up For You), I share what you most need to focus on if you want to cultivate a success mindset, to reach your fullest potential in all areas of your life.

Success doesn't just mean career success, or financial success, or recognition, or status. It means health. It means wellbeing. It means loving relationships. It means confidence and feeling great about yourself. It means balance. It means feeling purposeful and fulfilled.

And there IS a mindset that supports all of this holistically. But… that mindset doesn't just accidentally happen! We create it.

Tune in below for all you need to know!

(This podcast starts with a personal story, if you wish to skip straight to the mindset tips, go to 8:49).

Thank you to Nada Lena and her team at Rise Up For You. Their podcast is dedicated to helping women get a positive rise in their life. Through interviews with various experts on Relationships, Investing, Self Worth, Entrepreneurship, and more, this podcast is committed to spreading knowledge to ALL WOMEN in order to create self development and personal awareness.

I'm honored to be a part of it and to share it with our community here at The Daily Positive.

Original podcast source: Rise Up For You – Check out their website here.

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