How to Feel More in Control of Yourself & Your Daily Life

Here's a super simple way to use the power of a “Daily Intention” to help you feel more in control of how you are being and what you're doing.

It's a great conscious living practice and the ideal way to start each day!

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4 Responses

  1. I watched you on an Avaiya University workshop and from there subscribed to your “daily positive” emails. I wanted to take a moment out of my day to just say Thank You! You make a difference in my days as I am working to make a mental shift in 2020… I look forward to your short to the point videos and emails for inspiring new thoughts to make my path fun and motivating!!! Peace,Love, and Joy…

    1. Hey Charlotte, lovely to connect with you personally! So glad to have you with us in the community here at The Daily Positive and it’s a true pleasure to share resources to support your journey this year and beyond. Much love to you!! Reach out anytime.
      B 🙂

  2. I set the intention today to see and feel learning new skills on the computer as EASY! I’ve had the tendency in the past to bring “this is hard” thoughts to what I do. Today I was not only brave but was aware of that old pattern and in the awareness was able to change the thought process to this is easy, just a lot of little easy steps to walk through.
    Even when challenges came up (lots did, that I was not expecting) I worked through them. I was so proud of myself that I did a tutorial video for people to use when they are learning the task I learned today. Thank you for the tip it did indeed make me happy!

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