If you're with difficult/rude people and you don't know how to respond/cope with their words, behavior and how you are feeling, here's a simple and often overlooked strategy.

Next time you're faced with someone challenging, try it out!


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2 thoughts on “A Simple Strategy for Dealing with Difficult People/Situations

  1. Dianne says:

    I was listening to you free video for how to process and deal with people that continue to cause you pain with their behavior and how to train yourself to not let it effect you but ways to process and release it. I am dealing with this issue with family as my Father is dying, this has been a cycle of behavior from my mother older and younger sister as long as we can remember, your video from what I was able to see until I lost it was amazing, insightful, helpful, I need hope you are able to direct me so that I can continue it and hopefully gain knowledge how to handle a very difficult situation of my Fathers funeral where we will all be together. Thank you

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