Tips for Dealing with Difficult Inlaws

Knock, knock. Who's there? It's your mother in law…

And – you go silent.

While there are plenty of movies, advertisements and comical jokes about having a difficult mother in law, or father in law for that matter, the REALITY of dealing with a strained relationship with your in laws is no joke.

When you've met the love of your life, but their parents cause you headaches, it becomes a really high priority for you to work out how to create peace and understanding within that relationship. Otherwise, if you don't, you end up suffering and perhaps your partner suffers too.

Everyone involved benefits when you work out a way to calmly and effectively communicate with your in laws, how to have boundaries with them, and how to create mutual respect.

That said… you can't control your in laws! You can't make them change their communication, you can't make them accept boundaries, and you can't make them respect you.

BUT, the good news is that you CAN be the bigger person and choose to BE the change you want to see, laying the foundation for what will hopefully be reciprocated.

And at the very least, irrespective of how your in laws behave, with any relationship in life when people say and do things that drive you crazy, you ALWAYS have a choice about how you react.

You get to control the way you perceive them, what you make their behavior and words mean, how you process your feelings about them, and how you respond.

This infographic shows 8 common problems people experience with their in laws, and offers a few pearls of wisdom for how to manage those difficult situations…

Are your in-laws causing you headaches? Here are tips for supporting you to find peace and ease in the relationship, for the sake of all involved!
Infographic Source: Loyes Diamonds

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