If you're tired of dealing with worry and the pressure it puts on you, here are tips to break the cycle.

Firstly, before we dive into the video, it helps to pause and recognise that worry is truly a waste of energy. It doesn't impact any person or situation in a helpful way. It doesn't create better outcomes. It only steals energy and may even prolong challenging experiences/situations, hindering a positive change occurring.

Sometimes we think that being responsible, caring, and helping to create a change with some issue means we must “take control” and be very seriously focused on the issue, turning it over and inside out, expressing our concern and making sure we keep it top of mind. But in fact most of the time what we're doing mentally and emotionally in this worry cycle has zero value.

And yet we're all human and we so easily get caught in worry cycles! We worry about little and unimportant things as well as bigger and more serious issues. Here are a couple of simple tips for dealing with worry, to help interrupt the cycle and move into a calmer, more flowing and effective state.

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