5 Simple Ways to Design Your Home as a Happy Zone

People are complex beings and many things can affect our mood, happiness and motivation, both consciously and subconsciously, such as noise, air quality, crowd and atmosphere, but other, aesthetic elements also play a significant role in our lives.

Even though scientists still don’t know exactly why objects in our surroundings affect our lives, they are certain of the fact they indeed have an influence on us.

So, let’s see how these things affect our well-being…

1. The Influence of Colors

One of the first things we notice when looking at a room or an object is the color.

However, there’s more to colors than meets the eye.

Color specialists and psychologists believe that our minds have different responses to different colors, going as far as to affect our mood. This is called the psychology of color and it’s a very curious phenomenon.

For instance, red is thought to enhance passion and rage, while yellow makes you feel
happy, optimistic and creative. On the other hand, blue evokes feelings of calm, which makes it perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms where you aim to achieve relaxation. Green is another color associated with nature (just like blue) and freshness, which makes us feel relaxed and invigorated. So…

Choose your colors wisely and reap the physical and mental benefits they bring.

2. Personalize Your Space

Another aesthetic element that can greatly affect our attitudes and general well-being is décor, more precisely, the personalization of space.

If you decorate your living space with things that remind you of your personal goals, you will more likely stick to them.

So, try to include designs, colors and objects that inspire you and they will feed your brain with positive thoughts, both consciously and subconsciously.

3. Declutter for Peace of Mind

Having too many things in your living or work space can have a negative effect on your well-being, especially on your ability to focus and relax.

Neuroscientists came to a conclusion that disorganized environments make it harder to focus because all those different things compete for your attention which overloads your senses.

This increases stress, decreases performance and affects your ability to process information and think creatively.

So, get rid of all unnecessary things in your home and in your workplace. Pay special attention to your bedroom and bathroom, since they are supposed to be your sanctuaries. Bathrooms should always be clutter-free.

4. Let the Light Shine!

As much as possible, allow plenty of light into your home and work spaces. Natural light has a strong positive effect on human mental health.

If you don’t believe it, just take a look at mental illness statistics of countries in the polar circle. The numbers show that those countries have a much higher suicide rate and demand for psychiatric help than southern countries, even though they have a high quality of life. This might be due to the fact that they spend half of the year not getting enough natural light. So, make sure to roll up the blinds every morning and let the sunshine in.

5. Green Up!

We can all agree that plants are beautiful; however, if you dig deeper, you’ll see that plants have a much bigger role in our lives than just to look pretty.

As a matter of fact, interior landscaping can provide you with  a calm and pleasant living and working environment that will have a positive effect on your well-being. People tend to feel relaxed when surrounded by plants and more stimulated and motivated to work,

Additionally, plants help to improve indoor air quality and can help to absorb/reduce background noise, which are also factors that affect us.

You Can Design Your Home as a Happy Zone!

If you take into consideration how much time we spend indoors, both at home and at work, the importance of aesthetics in interior design is not to be neglected.

Now that you know all the ways your mood and attitudes can be altered by interior design, you can employ it to your advantage!

What adjustments could you make right now to your own home or office, to better support your wellbeing?

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5 Simple Ways to Design Your Home as a Happy Zone

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