We all need to do a simple digital detox regularly…

It’s vital for our Mind Body Spirit balance and wellbeing.

It’s not difficult to do it. It’s just a conscious choice and having the will power to unplug!!

What stops us?

  • But what if I get an important email?
  • But what if I miss something interesting on social media?
  • But I really love to watch that TV program!
  • But but but but but…

And news flash! Your world will not stop spinning if you respond to an email a few hours later than you might normally. And not everything happening on social media is SO important it warrants your immediate attention. And TV will always be there waiting for you.

But what will stop your world spinning, and will stop you doing your work and clearing emails, and will stop you enjoying your social media connections and will stop you watching TV … is if you are SO RUN DOWN AND BURNT OUT that you stop functioning.

You can’t spiritually, physically, mentally or emotionally stay balanced, well and happy if you are constantly plugged into technology, devices, frequencies/signals and communication stimulation all the time.

The benefits of a digital detox are obvious and tangible.

So whether you do it once a month, or once a week, or once a day, it’s up to you. But do yourself a favor. Just do it!

A Digital Detox – We All Need it Regularly

With big love and best wishes for your wellbeing,


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