How To Display Good Sportsmanship

Competition often brings the worst out of me. No matter if it was the big championship game or a fun night of bowling, I made it my goal to win! One time I entered a city bike ride that was meant to be a time for people to come together and enjoy riding around the city, and I somehow made that a competition. My mind is always on my personal performance–what I am doing wrong or need to do better. When I used to play on a team, my mind would drift to my teammates, but I can guarantee I rarely thought about my competitors. Well, at least not in a good way!


Through the years, I have improved. My husband has had to have a few intervention moments when I am taking a board game too seriously and trying to win against my four-year-old daughter, but besides that, I'm improving! At a friend's celebratory duck pin bowling event, I got through an entire game without thinking of it as a competition or resenting my husband for completely dominating. (Why is he SO good at everything??) Instead, I enjoyed my time and made great memories!

Now This News recently published the video below that nearly knocked me off my feet. The embracing of competitors and the comfort given by the winning team to the losing team was inspirational! Somewhere along the lines, I missed the lesson of good sportsmanship and had to develop this as an adult. But these young boys set a great example that I hope many people will follow.

I know I will!

“Good attitude is most important. Good talent is second.” –George H. Morris

To remind ourselves of the importance of good sportsmanship, let's think about these three questions during our next competition:

1. Am I okay whether I win or lose?

2. Did I play fair?

3. Was I respectful to my competitors, my team, my coach, and myself?

Let's work on how we approach the next competition. Show kindness, respect, and compassion!

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