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Learn Belly Breathing with Elmo!

As a parent, I’m always on the lookout for captivating and educational content that can engage my little ones. Recently, I stumbled upon a truly wonderful video on YouTube that combines entertainment with an important life skill. It’s titled “Sesame Street: Common and Colbie Caillat Sing ‘Belly Breathe’ with Elmo.” Yes, you heard it right! Our beloved Elmo from Sesame Street is teaching kids the art of belly breathing, or as it’s scientifically known, diaphragmatic breathing.

Now, you might be curious about belly breathing and its significance. Let me share my journey of discovering this amazing technique alongside Elmo and his friends.

As I pressed the play button, I was immediately drawn to the vibrant and lively setting of Sesame Street. Elmo, the adorable red monster, talked about the “monster” inside us that sometimes makes us angry or upset. It struck a chord with me because we’ve all encountered situations where our inner monster wanted to take control. But here’s the magical part—Elmo introduces us to belly breathing!

Belly breathing with Elmo is not just an exercise; it’s a delightful experience. With his hand on his tummy, Elmo demonstrates how to take deep breaths through the belly. And that’s when the video takes an enchanting turn. Renowned singer Colbie Caillat joins Sesame Street to sing the catchy “Belly Breathe” song. I couldn’t help but hum along. Can you believe it? Colbie Caillat and Common sing “Belly Breathe” on Sesame Street! Their soothing voices, combined with the educational lyrics, make it an instant hit.

Common adds a touch of wisdom as he discusses how belly breathing helps calm the inner monster. The song encourages not only kids but also adults to give belly breathing a try.

So, what exactly is Sesame Street’s belly breathing all about? It’s essentially diaphragmatic breathing, where you breathe deeply through your diaphragm instead of shallow chest breathing. This simple technique offers numerous benefits, including stress reduction, lower blood pressure, and improved focus.

As I continued watching, I was delighted to see other beloved characters join in. Super Grover’s humorous mention of defying gravity added an extra touch of fun. Despite its short duration (just 2 minutes and 26 seconds), the video is packed with valuable information and entertainment.

Now, whenever I feel stressed, I hear Colbie Caillat’s voice in my head, singing “belly breathe with Elmo,” and it never fails to bring a smile to my face as I take a deep breath.

I highly recommend watching this video with your children. Not only will they be entertained by Elmo’s belly breathing, but they will also learn a valuable skill that can benefit them throughout their lives. Sesame Street’s “Belly Breathe” is like a breath of fresh air, reminding us of the simple yet powerful act of breathing.

So, let’s all take a deep belly breath with Elmo and embrace the “monster love” within us!

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