Empower Yourself with One Simple Change in What You Say

If you want to empower yourself, the simplest and most effective place to start is with WORDS.

  • Certain words will deflate you like a leaky balloon.
  • Other words will skyrocket you and make you feel unstoppable.

Language has long been known to have this type of impact on our psyche and emotions.

And yet, how AWARE are we of the language we use every day?

What Are You Saying to the World?

For myself, I know sometimes I notice myself say things, and then reflect in horror at how limiting my choice of words was.

If you want to live a limitless, empowered, positive and happy life, you gotta get serious about the words you're using.

I've made a more conscious effort over the years to audit my vocab, deleting words that suck and don't help me.

And I'll even stop myself mid-sentence if a disempowering word accidentally sneaks out of my mouth, and REWIND to take it back, so I can start again!

What Are You Saying to Yourself?!

Now, it's not only what you say out loud to other people, but it's also the conversation you have inside your own head.

And in fact that's perhaps an even more important conversation to be monitoring.

As I'm sure you know, self-talk is EVERYTHING when it comes to how you feel about yourself and your life.

You can talk yourself into feeling amazo.

Or you can talk a load of old nonsense to yourself, and feel awful!

You're Always Empowering or Disempowering Yourself

The words you say are either going to be like pouring nourishing, healthy fertilizer into your mind and emotional system, inclining you to then behave and act positively in your life, and achieve your goals!

OR, the words you say can be draining, or even like poison, creating imbalance within you, and therefore in your life.

Let's get started right now with creating ONE simple change in the words you use, that will absolutely make a positive impact in your life immediately.

You'll feel so much better when you make this language shift, and it's something you can share with your friends and family to empower them too!

I recommend you practise this today, and see what happens…

Empower Yourself with One Small Change in What You Say

  • What words do you personally already use to empower yourself?
  • Or are there any words you've already decided to delete from your vocab?

Please share in the comments below, because your own experience could be just what others in our community need to hear to help them on their journey.

Your wisdom is welcome here!

Love, Bernadette

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