3 Critical Questions to Confirming Your Purpose

Living a life without regret is a universal desire. I've had too many sleepless nights around the question, “is this it?” I've worked hard… and even had some great achievements, but at times, I'm still troubled by the missed opportunities, the things I've never said, the trips I never took, or decisions I've failed to make. This is regret.

It's the feeling of missing out. It can sap your passion, poison your future, and even effect those around you. It leads me to this positive thought:

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take.”

But in the end, we can't do it all. We all realize life is moving faster and faster to our final day – and we understand a life without regret is impractical, but how do we live life with less regret? How can we chase our dreams, live our passion, and love our lives all at the same time?

3 Critical Questions to Confirming Your Purpose:

  1. What are you most passionate about? – (Design, Charity, Pets, Kids, Entrepreneurship, Etc.)
  2. Who's most important to you? (Best Friend, Spouse, Cousin, Parents, Children, Strangers, Etc.)
  3. Where is your favorite place on earth? (NYC, Colorado, Ireland, Australia, The Mountains, A Farm, Mexico, Etc.)

If you're doing what you're passionate about, with the people most important to you, in place that excites you, you are living the dream.

Now, it's up to you to not only answer these questions, but to make at least one of them happen this year… because remember, in the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take.

What are you passionate about? Tell me in the comments below.

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6 Responses

  1. Those questions seem so easy and yet….I know what I like, I even think I know what I LOVE. I can’t believe I could be stumped by a question like, “What am I passionate about”..well, lets take a crack at it–

    1. What are you most passionate about?–All things British. ALL. EVERY STINKING THING. Which nearly brings me to the last question of What is your favorite place on earth? Britain (Even though I’ve never been there, but the place just calls to me, you know?) My writing, Fashion, politics (noooot so much America’s..I don’t think I really need to say why ;), being involved and engaged in the world, being creative in general.

    2. Friends, being happy, not regretting what I did not do, accomplishing something worth while. Following your heart. ….I think I need to be in England, studying politics and international relations(Which wasn’t anything close to what my first degree was in)…well since I have the symptoms that its time to leave my job…

  2. Most passionate about? Riding my Harley. I call it ‘Wind Therapy’.
    Most important ppl? My daughter and my Best friend Dory.
    Fav place? Hmmm…outside? The woods?

    Make one of them happen this year…?? There’s nothing to ‘make happen’??

    How does this confirm my purpose?? What IS my purpose? I don’t know anymore. I’ve lost myself/my identity! I don’t know who I am, and it Really bothers me! It weighs heavily on my mind!
    First of all, I’m a hard worker, I’ve always worked and I had a great work ethic. I had finally found my perfect career, but after only doing it for 4 yrs I had to quit because of daily, crippling back pain for the last 3 yrs.
    That’s when I lost my identity. It’s been horrible…

  3. What am I most passionate about. I have many passions, but this question stumped me. What am I MOST passionate about. I’m passionate about poetry/creative writing, art, music, theatre, civil rights, politics, animal rights, delicious food, hair/makeup, and sea turtles. My list is so long, and I feel I love all these things pretty equally… they all make me happy.

    Who is most important to me? My family, my husband, my best friends, my dogs.

    Where is my favorite place? My hometown. My husband is in the military, and we had to move across the country– we live in a gorgeous location, but it doesn’t fulfill me. “Home” is where the heart is– it also is where your community is. Yes, my family and friends are the main reason my hometown is so precious to me, but after living in a place where no one recognizes me, I’d have to say the community in my home town is equally as important.

    I guess if I could do anything, I would be an author. Writing is the first thing I wrote down, and I have to believe it was number one for a reason. Maybe I’m supposed to write about all the other passions I have on my list. Journalist? Activist? Poet? I guess these are details I’ll have to figure out along the way.

    Funny how typing all this out has cleared some things up for me… Thank you.

  4. Playing piano and singing. Traveling. Learning new languages. Meeting new people. Talking about Jesus Christ to others.

  5. I am most passionate about being artistic in some way. I am a teacher and I’ve always fulfilled that creative outlet at school with the students in some type of club or another. Now, as I am getting older, I am moving away from that and trying to do something creative for me outside the school environment because I will be retiring in a few years so I am starting to look forward a bit. I am at the beginning of a new road…..

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