How to Ensure Energy Vampires NEVER Deplete You

Do you have an energy vampire in your life?

Someone who is self-consumed, typically scattered, and leaning toward negative patterns mentally and emotionally? Someone who leaves you feeling drained and depleted after your interactions, like they've sucked your joy before carrying on their merry way?

It's quite natural to worry that they can STEAL your energy, and that you need to protect yourself from them.

But here's a whole new perspective to help you see energy in new light, so that you'll never again be concerned about energy vampires negatively affecting you…

With love, Bernadette

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10 Responses

  1. Thanks Bernadette. I’ enjoyed this video. In the past, I suspect I may have been an energy vampire. Now I’m on the journey to efficiently tap my unlimited energy source. Keep up the great work and content!

    1. Hey Mike, that self-awareness is so awesome, love your openness and I applaud your enthusiasm to tap into source on your journey. Thanks for being here. I appreciate you! Warmest wishes, Bernadette

  2. Hi Bernadette!
    It has been a while, but I still follow you and I loved this video! As you know, I have a special relationship with a special person, and understanding how we exchange and share energy has really been a key in understanding how to grow and flourish past the point of simply knowing we have a ‘compatibility’ together. Funny that you describe the vampire scenario, that’s exactly how it was labeled by others in the past, I never saw it that way however, it was realizing how you interact together that allows you to feel that life energy you speak of. Well done!!

  3. What about insurance companies, doctors, nurses that have to be dealt with that do have that vampire energy that is so out of our reach or to be more clear, how do we handle being in their mercy? Insurance companies are a business. Not people who feel your actual mental or physical pain?

    1. Hey, I hear you. And it’s VITAL that you create an empowered mindset about this… as you are not at their mercy. Accept that they are the way they are, they do what they do, they only know what they know. It doesn’t matter if the negative energy comes from a family member, a friend, a stranger, a doctor… how they behave, what they do, what they say is not something we can control. We can only be empowered in our own selves – to choose how we will respond, and behave, to choose what perspectives we will take in the face of that, to choose not to take other people’s energy and views onboard if they do not serve us. And of course, to speak your truth… to say what is real for you, to stand up for yourself, to advocate for your rights, to ask for what you need, to change specialists/doctors if you are not being treated well, to continue to want better for yourself, and to do all of that from a place of inner empowerment. We have to build that inner power, to choose that mindset day after day, especially so in very tough situations. I send love and blessings your way!! You can do this!! B

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