Possibilities are endless, everywhere and always available to you.

If you've lost touch with that, this short vid below will help you to PLUG BACK INTO IT!

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  1. OH MY GOSH!! you hit the nail on the head for me! I’m living proof that what you just said is so very true. I was injured at work, 17 yrs ago this coming November. I have several major medical issues that will be with me the rest of my life, due to what happened at my workplace. For a VERY long time I lived believing that THIS was all life for me would be now (I was 35 yrs old at the time, now 52, My baby boy was only 2 1/2 , my daughter was almost 10, and I had been married for only 3 years) I was scared, extremely angry and going thru so many medical issues my head was spinning! Anyway, others would say to me “if you look at things differently your life will be different”…..I thought they were crazy, “how could I look at MY life differently now? I could’nt/still can’t work. I hurt in every joint, tissue and cell of MY body, my babies would never again know a healthy mom, my poor husband, it was now on HIM solely to provide for our family”…..How could ‘these’ ppl say or tell me things like this? it was MY life, not theirs! I was going thru all this ….NOT them?….It has taken a VERY long time…..many many tears, counseling, angry outbursts and a lot of surgeries and ill health….BUT I’m good now. Believe me, I still have “moments” where I feel that way still….but for the most part….B you are correct!! I have a much better life than EVEN before I got hurt…and MY attitude and way of thinking about life is a big reason why!!! Thank you for your insight and advice…..You’re awesome!

    1. Tammy!! What an inspiring message to read. Power to you. Wow, what a journey, and you’re living proof of the power of that shift in attitude and approach (along with a massive amount of courage and determination and hard work too I might add!) Well done you!! Thanks for taking the time to share your journey with us all. Love, B

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