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The Confidence Formula

Section 1: The Lowdown On Confidence

  • Have crystal clear understanding about what true confidence really is and what it isn’t. This might surprise you!
  • Discover the REAL issue when it comes to lacking confidence, and how to resolve this.
  • Get the critical realizations necessary for feeling confident – the truth will set you free!
  • Consider the spiritual aspect of confidence and see how powerful it is!
  • Complete 2 practical exercises to map your current confidence situation and cycle, including understanding your “Vote of No Confidence” story.
  • Play a new game with 2 things that mess with your confidence - fear and comparison.
  • See the 2 places you can draw your power from and which one works best!
  • Understand the 3 keys that underpin true confidence.

Section 2: Your True Confidence Formula

  • Create changes in how you engage with yourself and other people day to day, which demonstrate your new found confidence.
  • Get practical ways to change your emotional state instantly to support that confidence.
  • Receive tips and exercises to shift yourself into a confident mindset.
  • Enjoy a simple but powerful ritual for speaking with your soul, to tap into wisdom which will boost your confidence.

Your "Confidence Formula" training resources (as part of EvolveHQ membership) are ready and waiting for you inside the private Members Area of The Daily Positive website...

Evolve & Live Your
Best Life...

EvolveHQ is Your Private Personal Growth Membership & Community 

You Want to Be Your Best Self &
Get Results in ALL Areas of Life, BUT...

There are certain things that get in the way:

  • Life is busy, and it can feel like you're on the hamster wheel just keeping up with every day demands, let alone finding time to deliberately create positive change.
  • It can be challenging to step outside of your normal habitual way of living, when it's familiar and easier just to keep trucking along as you have been.
  • You have limited precious energy to expend each day... mental, emotional and physical energy. And there are many things vying for your attention that you could give that energy to. Prioritizing can be a challenge.
  • You might have had experience creating positive change in the past, and had some results, but it might feel like not enough change is happening, or that the change isn't consistent or lasting.
  • Thinking about what to change in yourself and what to change in your life can feel overwhelming, like it might be a long, slow road ahead, and it often gets put in the "too hard" basket or the "I'll get to that later" basket.

While you have the intention to step into your highest potential, questions and concerns might come up like...

  • ​Where do I start?
  • Who do I turn to for help?
  • What does it even mean to be my "best self" and what needs to change in order for me to achieve that?
  • What areas of my life should I focus on first in terms of resolving any challenges? What would make the biggest difference?
  • Which goals and dreams are best to work on, and how do I achieve them?
  • I'm not sure I've got what it takes to follow through.

What We Know for Sure...

  • ​Intention is powerful, and if you intend to be your best self and live your best life, the scene is set!
  • Yet, intention alone isn't enough. It takes knowledge and wisdom too...
  • And while knowledge is awesome, we all know that "knowing stuff" alone doesn't make you change or change your life. It requires practical application. It's what you DO with knowledge that makes all the difference.
  • And we also know that it's not what we do only "now and then" (spikes of inspiration, moments of hype and motivation, one-time action) that creates transformation, because that can quickly fizzle out and doesn't create the most powerful, lasting change. Instead, it's what we do consistently step by step that generates regular, lasting results.

How To Evolve & Live Your Best Life

What You Need in Order to Succeed...

  • Clarity about what to focus on for best results.
  • Regular, powerful personal growth resources
  • Easily accessible resources, to use in a way that suits your lifestyle and schedule.
  • Simple learning format, which is easy to digest, guiding you step by step.
  • Ways to apply the knowledge you gain, through practical action in your life.
  • Structure and process to help you stay on track with consistency.
  • Support, empowerment and accountability.
  • A safe community, where you're with like-minds who elevate you.

EvolveHQ - We've Got Your Back 

Your Personal Growth Membership & Community

Evolve HQ

EvolveHQ is The Daily Positive's private, online personal growth membership and community, where you can evolve into your best self, and live your best life with everything you need to successfully do so.

As a subscribed member, you receive monthly personal growth resources spanning all levels within yourself (mind, body and soul) and all areas of your life.

We guide you with clarity about what to focus on to get best results, with top quality resources from experts, delivered in an on-demand online format that you can easy follow along step-by-step to learn, take action and get results in your daily life while being a part of a safe, supportive and empowering community vibe!

What You Get When You Join EvolveHQ Membership

New Practical Resources Each Month

As well as getting access to all previous months resources, each month we focus on a targeted hot topic for your personal growth, and provide you with a selection of resources inside our private learning portal to support your evolution, such as:

  • Training Videos
  • Live training, coaching and Q&A events online (webinars)
  • Audio Tools
  • Interviews with experts
  • PDF guides & exercises for reflection and practical application, to effect real change

A Positive, Safe Community
Where You Belong

Express Yourself

You get the option to join our selection of group discussion forums on personal growth topics that are of most interest to you, plus the ability to create your very own group discussion forums (private or open). 

Expand Your Tribe 

Through our group discussion forums inside EvolveHQ you can engage with other members on the things that are of most interest to you. Share ideas, ask questions, get support, offer support to others, connect and build your own tribe within this supportive, safe and positive environment!

Enjoy a Safe Zone!

EvolveHQ is closed (private) community where you can fully be yourself, be accepted and communicate with like-minded people from around the world. If you're tired of experiencing negativity either offline or online, and perhaps you're hesitant to participate in social media where judgments, opinions and trolls are common place, then join our safe zone and rest easy that you can be self-expressed and appreciated for who you are. While we welcome robust discussion and debate around all things personal growth, we also moderate our forums to ensure it remains constructive and do not tolerate any behavior that contradicts the mission and values of EvolveHQ. 

How Your Membership Makes
A Difference


Contribution to Charity

Every month, as a group we donate over 18% of EvolveHQ membership subscriptions to charity ($7 of your monthly subscription). In committing to your personal growth you are not only helping yourself, but you are directly helping others. We make contributions to charities that are doing positive things in the world involving the care for people, animals and/or the planet. As part of your membership you get to help us choose what charities we contribute to. Awesome right!

Membership Benefits

10% OFF

Get 10% off all current and future premium courses, programs and events by The Daily Positive (e.g the "Master Your Mind" Online Program).


Get instant access to a collection of 40 powerful affirmation, meditation and visualization audios as part of your membership  - Valued at $40 USD.

PLUS: New bonuses and benefits added regularly. Our EvolveHQ tribe is our priority!

Thank you so much for the "Best Year Yet" training. It was really motivating but also super practical advice! I was able to incorporate the ideas and structure you suggested into my everyday life to ensure the positive changes I wanted to make were manageable and sustainable. I’ve got so much more clarity and direction, it’s been really valuable for me. Thank you once again Bernadette!" 

Also Ready & Waiting For You In EvolveHQ...



  • Get the 3 big-picture questions which will set the scene for your best year yet.
  • Have the critical mindset shift required to ensure this is your best year yet, no matter what happens.
  • Create your own "drop and adopt" list through a powerful and simple self-assessment exercise.
  • Complete a "mini life stocktake."
  • Discover the keys to goal setting which will set you up for success.


  • Receive tips on how to stay connected to and motivated about your goals throughout the entire year.
  • star
    Set yourself up to have the presence, mindset and energy to stay on track with your action plan when life is noisy, busy and distracting!
  • star
    Translate your personal goals into practical step by step actions you can begin implementing right now.
  • star
    Discover how to counteract issues that might arise during the year.

Your "Best Year Yet" training resources are ready and waiting for you inside our private Members Area of The Daily Positive website.

"Hi Bernadette, just listening to your video I know this will be a different year for me. I never looked at the new year this way. I always know what I don't want but can never get past that. When you said we need to place goals in the center of our life because WE are important, it kinda struck a chord with me. I love, love, love your info! Like others have said, your words are exactly applicable to our situations and our thoughts, I feel so connected. Thanks for what you do for us Bernadette." - Caroline, USA (Best Year Yet Testimonial)

11 Reasons to Join EvolveHQ

  • 1
    Convenient On-Demand Online Access - Life is busy and you have plenty of things to juggle in terms of commitments and how you spend your precious time. That's why on-demand, online learning is so powerful. You get to fit it into your unique routine, schedule and lifestyle in a way that works for you. This makes your personal growth easier, comfortable and way more accessible!
  • 2
    Monthly Content that's Easy to Digest - Do you sometimes get information overload when it comes to evolving yourself? Often there are so many resources (books, videos, courses), tips, action points and content coming at you from all directions, that it's hard to know where to start! Right? This is often why people never take the first step with creating growth and positive change, or why people eventually stop... because it's simply too much to digest. At EvolveHQ we focus on one core hot topic each month (something widely applicable to everyone), and we give you easy-to-consume learning material that you can enjoy in your own time. This creates clarity and a sense of relief when you know you've got ONE main focus for the month, generating a great sense of achievement and progress when you complete each monthly topic!
  • 3
    Easily Follow Along with Structured Learning - With our premium membership portal, our learning resources are designed to step you through learning in a methodical way to help you succeed. You can mark off each step as you complete it, tracking where you are up to. Plus you get your own private "My Notes" online journal, which lets you take notes electronically while completing any training - recording your insights, aha moments, questions and experiences.
  • 4
    Have ALL Areas of Your Life Covered - It's easy to focus solely on what you're good at. That feels nice, but doesn't help you to grow! You might accidentally, and subconsciously, avoid what you're not good at, and what's not working in your life. At EvolveHQ we support you to feel at ease and excited about evolving in ALL areas of your life holistically - to build on your strengths, and to grow through any challenges within yourself, or in your life, so you can truly thrive. 
  • 5
    Tap into Priceless Expertise - Our community is led by Bernadette Logue, an experienced and respected expert in Transformation Life Coaching. Plus we bring in other guest experts and teachers alongside her to ensure you get access to both timeless wisdom and the latest cutting edge ideas, tips, tools and processes for all aspects of life.
  • 6
    The Support & Empowerment You Need - We provide regular (weekly) communication via email to you as an EvolveHQ member to keep you engaged, supported and on track. We remind you of what's important, of what steps to take and this creates a constant flow of empowerment which helps you to evolve and live your best life.
  • 7
    No Pressure, Just Flow - When it comes to achieving your highest potential (being your best self and living your best life), sometimes it feels like a big commitment! The intensity and time sensitivity of some learning options (such as private coaching, group online programs or in-person retreats/events) can leave you feeling pressured, challenged, and for some, it can even be scary to participate. But with EvolveHQ, it's a super relaxed and joyous way to take small, consistent steps forward in your personal evolution, as part of our encouraging, fun community environment.
  • 8
    Feel at Home in Our Safe Zone - Our private (closed) community is a place where you can fully be yourself, be accepted and communicate with like-minded people from around the world. If you're tired of negativity online or hesitant to participate in social media where judgments, opinions and trolls are common place, join our safe zone and rest easy that you're in the right place.
  • 9
    Grow Your Tribe - Enjoy our group discussion forums inside EvolveHQ, focused on hot topics so you can engage with other members on the things that are of most interest to you. Share, question, support, connect and build your own tribe within this supportive environment.
  • 10
    Affordable Way to Evolve Consistently - With our low monthly membership subscription options (which start from less than $1 per day), EvolveHQ is a great way to get consistent, affordable personal growth coaching, learning and breakthroughs! Remember... growing into your full potential mind, body and soul isn't actually about one-time experiences. Real growth and lasting change come about through incremental, small, consistent insight and action, which is exactly what EvolveHQ is designed to give you.
  • 11
    Make a Direct Difference - Every month we donate over 18% of membership subscriptions to charity ($7 of your monthly subscription) - in committing to your personal growth you are not only helping yourself, but you are directly helping others. We select charities that are doing good in the world to care for people, animals and the planet.
Evolve HQ

PLUS: When you join EvolveHQ you'll get instant access to 40 powerful personal growth audios.

Including a selection of meditation, visualization and affirmation audios to help you evolve - mind, body & soul. 

Expertise and Proven Results

As the Leader of The Daily Positive global community, and of our private personal growth membership "EvolveHQ", everything I offer to you is based on the expertise I've built up over a 20 year diverse career and path. This combines personal first-hand experiential learning in personal growth, mind power, conscious living and spirituality, along with professional experience in supporting people to master themselves and evolve into their full potential. This professional history includes 6 years working in the corporate business arena in Human Resources consultancy, including pinpointing and harnessing people competency and development potential, peak performance coaching, people management, training development and delivery, as well as leadership roles.  This, along with many years of experience as a Transformation Life Coach working with people 1:1 and in groups all over the world guiding them in their evolution, is the foundation on which I serve you as an EvolveHQ member.

Aside from the above expertise, I fully believe in walking your own talk, and teaching from first-hand experience. I successfully transformed myself, evolving in mind, body and soul, and I know exactly what it’s like to go from A-Z in terms of continuously stepping into one's highest potential – what it takes, the keys, the challenges, what’s possible, and what it feels like to evolve consistently. As a result, I’m passionately obsessed with showing others how to do the same. All the programs, products and services here at The Daily Positive will gift to you this expertise and experience (built upon my exclusive Unleash Your Life transformation coaching method). Plus, you receive all the timeless wisdom and cutting edge insights from guest experts and teachers we bring into EvolveHQ to provide you with the best holistic tools for evolving in ALL areas of your life.

– Bernadette Logue, Transformation Life Coach, Author & Leader of The Daily Positive –

"It was January 2017. I was thinking 'Here we go, AGAIN.' It's the start of a new year and I am feeling discouraged, frustrated, deflated and sad because of the the same unresolved issues I had going on in my life, just carrying them over with me into the new year. Always hoping things would change, but they never did. I felt like my life was 'on hold' and I felt stuck, and I knew something HAD to change. I needed to become an active participant in this change and not just 'hope' that it would happen.

But I wondered, 'How do I START the process of change?' I also wanted to understand why it was so difficult for me to make this change. Then I stumbled on Bernadette's website. By chance? I had been looking up stress management, coping etc. When I listened to Bernadette's online workshop 'How to Have YOUR BEST YEAR YET' and goal setting, it was EXACTLY what I needed and had been looking for! Her videos and webinars gave me inspiration, guidance and information on STARTING this process of change. As a result, it's been a life changing year for me, taking charge of what I wanted and needed, taking care of ME. As a result, I am now starting 2018 with happiness and peace because I did finally make the change I needed and Bernadette was a LARGE part of this.

My life is not on hold anymore and I focus on living it instead of just feeling stuck in it. I would recommend Bernadette's resources and 'Best Year Yet' training for anyone looking for education, support, guidance or just maintaining a healthy balance in their lives. Was it really by chance that I stumbled on her website? I think it was exactly where I needed to be!"

– Caroline, USA

Who is EvolveHQ For?


  • This personal growth membership and community is for people who are genuinely interested in developing themselves.
  • It's for people who want to learn on a regular basis as part of their normal weekly and monthly routine.
  • It's suited to people who want to take step by step action to make real change happen.
  • EvolveHQ is for people who understand that giving to yourself and growing yourself is one of the best things you can do - not just for your own benefit, but as a contribution to those you love and to the world.


  • The membership and community is not suited for people who are always looking for "quick fixes", versus true personal learning and action taking which achieves the most rapid, optimal and lasting change possible.
  • It's not for people who want surface-level personal growth "entertainment" to watch or read, as opposed to what we offer... which is grounded, powerful resources to effect awesome change (which also happen to be fun and entertaining too!)
  • People who aren't yet ready to bring an open mind, a willing heart and a positive attitude to themselves, other people and life.

Join ‘EvolveHQ’ Risk FREE!

Money Back Guarantee

EvolveHQ membership comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. We are completely committed to providing you with high quality resources. While you are responsible for how you use the resources, and for your choices and actions, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, on providing relevant and targeted content to support you with real life day-to-day challenges, goals and aspirations. Having used the content in EvolveHQ, if for any reason you are not satisfied in the first 30 days of your membership subscription, we wholeheartedly encourage you to contact us: support@thedailypositive.com

FOR BEST RESULTS: Please participate fully in using all aspects of the monthly EvolveHQ resources provided. 

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