Are you sitting on an idea and not taking action because of fear, worry and uncertainty?
Does taking risks send you running in the other direction?
Have you sidelined your inspirations, and set them aside for “some day, one day” just to avoid putting yourself out there?

Get a boost of inspiration in this video to actively grab your ideas, inspirations, goals and dreams with both hands and to FULLY consider them. Taking risks doesn't have to be as dramatic or scary as it might seem.

We don't take risks just for the sake of taking risks. Risks are not the point. They are by-products of doing stuff that matters!Click To Tweet

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2 thoughts on “Exploring Your Inspirations & Taking Risks!

  1. PIXIE says:

    I made a choice from being a teacher which I *liked* to being a Dominatrix (my ultimate passion) and sexologist.
    I got lots of haters, but boy has it made me find my community and resonated so much I have an amazing lifestyle!

    Safe path has no growth.


    Thanks B!!
    Love Pixie

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