How To Face Unemployment During The Winter Holidays

The winter holidays have always been a time of joy, peace, and happy family gatherings. However, the unemployed can experience a surge of stress and depression during this period. And it’s no wonder why. The joy of the holiday season can also act as a reminder of the things they lost or can’t afford. As a result, the negative feelings go under an amplifying glass and gain enough power to deteriorate the most precious time of the year. However, you can still cope with your burden and enjoy this year’s winter holidays with the following advice.


1. Acknowledge your feelings.

Ignoring your emotions will only intensify your pain. You need to realize that it’s okay to feel sad and perhaps a little overwhelmed. However, at the same time, there is always a silver lining. There are many reasons to be happy, like having a loving family by your side or the support of your best friends. You can even resort to different yoga poses to help you channel your feelings and find new methods of relaxation.

Usually, people postpone dealing with their emotions for after the holidays. However, this can backfire, and affect your family and ruin the memory of the holidays with unfortunate bursts of anger or depression. This is not something that can be scheduled for a precise day. The unemployed should take their time to express their grief. Only then can they move forward and be proactive.

2. Continue job hunting.

The idea that nobody hires during the winter holidays is daunting. However, many businesses thrive during this period. Consequently, they are going to need more workforce, including you. For example, the baking industry is on the rise this season. You could take advantage of employment opportunities within grocery store bakeries, for example, and become a cake decorator. It’s about finding the right openings that line up with the season.

And there’s more you can do than actual job searching. Parties and social events are common throughout the holidays. These gatherings are the perfect occasion to start networking. The more community events you attend, the more chances you’ll have to meet your future work colleague or employer.

After a survey regarding job search networking, the results proved it. Over 80% of the 3,000 participants admitted that they found their current workplace through social connections. So, as an unemployed person during the winter holidays, staying home is not a great option. Put on your best suit and meet new people.

However, not all influential professionals attend fancy parties. Many of them prefer to volunteer and pay it forward during the holidays. So, you can offer your time to charitable organizations instead. This way, you can make your life meaningful and network with compassionate people at the same time.

3. Include your family.

The unemployed might feel the urge to protect their families by hiding their struggles. This might look like the courageous approach on the outside, but this can actually leave a negative impact on your loved ones.

The actions that can help you move forward together with your family are the things you do together. Counseling with your spouse or parents can offer you new insights on how to make ends meet financially, emotionally, and spiritually. They will also feel involved in your life again, and the walls of your isolation will crumble.

The professional status can often be mistaken for the personal one, but they are not the same. Your loved ones can remind you of this, and your struggles won’t feel as big as when you were alone.

4. Adjust your budget.

Another scary factor of being unemployed during winter holidays is the financial aspect. During this time of the year, people usually exchange many gifts with their family and friends. This tradition usually leaves a hole in your budget.

However, adjustments can be made to the traditions. What makes family time really valuable are not the objects but the moments you create together as a well-knitted team. You can decide together on how much to spend on food, decorations, and gifts this year and stick to the plan throughout the cold season. In fact, you can make it even better by resorting to Secret Santa. That way, each person will be getting one gift, you will save money, and it will have that fun touch of mystery.

Finding the ideal present for a person on a budget can be challenging, but also fun. If you are creative enough, you can resort to Do it Yourself projects that usually are more significant than some expensive products from retail. You can come up with innovative and personalized Christmas Advent Calendars, snow globe jars, door wreaths, sparkly ornaments, and many other wonderful presents and decorations. What’s so beautiful about these projects is that you can include your whole family or group of friends and have quality time together making something new as a united team.

All in all, unemployment is a challenging period, especially during the winter holidays. However, it doesn’t have to be as hard as most people imagine. If you are open and resort to patience and kindness, you can continue making wonderful memories after this winter season.

Amanda Wilks is an insatiable writer and contributing author for Best Job Descriptions. A writer, blogger, and full-time researcher, she dreams of helping job-seekers and candidate-hunters all over to connect effortlessly. She believes awareness, communication, and collaboration are key to all of our personal and professional endeavors. Do follow her on Twitter @AmandaWilks01.

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