The world is constantly calling for your attention. Life can be busy. Life can be noisy and distracting. It’s easy to get lost in the doing aspect of your life, and end up feeling disconnected from yourself, from your soul and from the deeper meaning of your life.

We so easily get overstimulated by other people, the online world, work, our own distractions, fun things, tough things… there is a never ending supply of outward experiences that can lead to this disconnected feeling.

So today take 5 minutes to reconnect with your inner self, which exists behind all of the surface level “stuff” of life.

Focus for 5 minutes on just being, and feeling the core essence of who you really are.

This type of daily reconnection, where you come home to yourself, will help you to maintain balance, peace and wellbeing in your life.

How to Resolve Feeling Disconnected & Come Home to Yourself

With love, Bernadette

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