Finding your tribe of people in this big wide world makes such a difference. It feels like coming home!

If you're here reading this, it's possible that…

  • You're looking to grow your existing tribe – to have more like-minded people to connect with.
  • Or, you feel like you have no tribe at all, and you're more than ready to find “your people”.
  • Maybe you feel like you've changed over the years, becoming more of who you really are (evolving, being more consciously aware), and you no longer fit in with your current social circle anymore?
  • Or perhaps you've never really felt like you belonged.

Be Open Minded About What a Tribe Is

Finding your tribe can mean different things to different people.

I want you to have a really open mind and open heart about what a tribe is and what it means to be in one.

If you have a fixed idea, you might miss what (who!) the Universe is sending you they cross your radar.

Your tribe can be:

  • A group of people who all know each other and commune together
  • OR it could be lots of individual people who don't know each other, but you consider them each a part of YOUR tribe i.e. your network of like minded souls
  • In-person relationships where you live, work and socialize in a particular location
  • OR it might be online relationships where you communicate, connect, share and support via web communities, forums, events, programs and so forth
  • Social or professional
  • Differing levels e.g. deep soulful connections or lighter interest-based connections, life long connections or season/reason connections.

How Do You Build a Tribe?

There are lots of ways a “tribe” can form in your life…

  • Through synchronicity and flow – where you happen to meet the right people at the right time, without ever having intended to
  • Through intention and energy magnetizing people to you – where you “put out there” to the Universe the types of relationships you want to draw in, and the types of communities you want to be a part of, and then these show up in the course of your day to day life journey
  • Through proactive, practical creation on your part – where you go out and make a tribe of people by forming groups and inviting people, or by finding groups and connecting yourself into them.

How I Found My Tribe!

Forming my own tribe over the years has been a mix of all the above things I've shared with you.

I have met some people completely “by chance” when I least expected it, which is really to say that the Universe brought us together!

I have intended and visualized the types of people I wanted in my life, and paid attention when those types of people showed up.

I've also proactively gone about creating connections with some people who I could tell had similar mindsets and I resonated with, so I reached out to create a relationship.

My tribe is a network of people from countries all over the world. A small number of them are deeply soul-based connections for me, and others are amazing people who enrich my life in various ways.

Some people I have met in person. Others I've never met!

And, interestingly, the Universe has given me such a diverse tribe, people with all sorts of different backgrounds, lifestyles, locations and interests. But with each person there is something strong that resonates with me, where they add support, love, beauty, soulfulness and laughter to my life and where I intend to do the same for them.

Most of the people I consider my tribe do not know each other – it's not a group where we all meet. This is mainly because I haven't lived in one location for over 6 years, so location-based tribe doesn't really work for me! I just keep in touch with people in whatever ways work, and enjoy this colorful tapestry of awesome people.

How to Find Your Tribe

In this Daily Inspiration video, I'm giving you tips for finding your own tribe, to create meaningful connections with like minded souls…

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6 thoughts on “Finding Your Tribe – Tips for Connecting with Like Minded Souls!

  1. Jamie Johnson says:

    Thank you for inviting me and all of us into your tribe. Your words always always always resonate with me and I love learning from your light! โค

  2. Pedro says:

    Great video Bernadette. First time on your website and really enjoying the content. All the best to you ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

  3. Nile says:

    Thank you so much! I have been struggling with this issue lately as I have started to change and feel like not fitting in with my circle. So it was great to hear your experience and your point of view ?

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