Repairing your house sounds like a drag, but being able to handle some basic repairs can improve your life and your independence.

Every homeowner should understand how to cope with some common household problems such as a dripping water faucet. To save time and money, it is important to be able to do some repairs yourself. This way you can be a more responsible homeowner, cut down on repair costs, and spend less time fixing. As long as you practice and research the best repairs, you can become a pro at almost any of them.

When you know how to improve your house you also learn how to improve your life. You don’t have to be dependent on others to get things done.

Here are a few basics to know…

fix your home

1. Change the filter on a home’s climate-control equipment

It is a good idea to change the filter on your home’s central air conditioner and furnace once a month or at least every few months. Most climate-control equipment requires only one filter, and you can find these items at local stores. However, you must determine the correct size of the filter before purchasing. Look at the manual for your home’s climate control equipment to learn the size, or turn off the device to remove the exterior cover. Inside the equipment, you will see a filter, and the size is printed on the side. It is easy to remove the dirty filter before replacing it with a new one. Put the cover back on your home’s air conditioner or furnace, and remember to turn the thermostat on again. 

2. Fix a dripping bathroom or kitchen faucet

A dripping kitchen or bathroom faucet wastes a lot of money, but you can fix this problem quickly. The opening of a faucet has a small piece of metal that screws off easily, and inside this item, you will find a tiny section of wire mesh that collects debris along with a rubber washer. Take this old and worn rubber washer to a local hardware store to find another one in the same size. When you get home, you must place the new rubber washer inside the piece of metal over the wire mesh before screwing it back on the faucet’s spigot tightly. 

3. Remove a clog from a sink, toilet, or bathtub

One of the first things you should buy for your home is a rubber-tipped plunger, and you may want to have more than one for different rooms. Keep a plunger near the toilet in each bathroom for when an overflow is about to occur and you need one immediately. Most toilet overflows happen because there is too much bathroom tissue in the bowl, but if you use the plunger right away, then it dislodges the clog. A plunger is also useful for bathtub and sink clogs that happen because there is too much hair inside the drain. 

4. Cope with rodents or insects

Rodents and insects are often intimidating. Where there is one, there is often many. They are attracted to crumbs and open food containers, so keep your countertops clean and food swept off the floors. You can try store-bought traps or sprays, but for major issues, don't be afraid to call a pest-control company. An expert will have more treatment options available for your extreme situations.

Becoming a more responsible homeowner begins by developing your knowledge for easy repairs and fixes. Use these tips to maintain your house and to keep your house up-to-date. In no time, you’ll be prepared to face almost any major problem.

Be ready to face any fixes your house throws at you and know the basics to keep it in good repair.

Tell us in the comments, what home repairs do you fix yourself?

Eileen O'Shanassy is a freelance writer and blogger based out of Flagstaff, AZ. She writes on a variety of topics like Barrier Pest Control and loves to research and write. She enjoys baking, biking, and kayaking. Check out her Twitter @eileenoshanassy. 

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  1. Emmerey Rose says:

    Thanks for the tips! I’m actually bad at these things so I just call someone to fix it. But i might as well try for myself, definitely saves a ton of money! btw, what are the best products to use for pest and insect control?

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