Here's a tip to help you get motivated and to feel courageous, to get up and GO FOR IT!

  • What are you not taking action on?
  • What is most holding you back?
  • What's ONE mindset shift could you choose right now that would help you to get up and go for it?
Mistakes are leverage for learning. Don't fear them, embrace being imperfect.Click To Tweet

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4 thoughts on “Get Up & Go For It

  1. Cristie says:

    Making mistakes is fine and good. But some people simply cannot afford to make them. That’s why I have to make sure stuff is going to be perfect.

    • Bernadette Logue says:

      Hey Cristie, I hear you, I really do. Though the challenge is, no one is perfect, and life isn’t perfect, and there will always be challenges, mistakes and learning. But, that said, we can absolutely do our very best to be super well planned, organized, consciously thinking out options and doing whatever we can to minimize those risks and errors. I send love and warmest wishes to you! B 🙂

  2. Heather Whitehead says:

    Hi Bernadette, just to add another aspect of what you have said in your response. To be perfect would be boring and make life boring. We have challenges in our lives so that we have the opportunity to make decisions that are appropriate for our lives. How uninteresting would our lives be without the challenges that come along. Having said that, it does get very challenging and depressing when lots of things go wrong! It is good when our plans work out as well. There needs to be a balance. Our characters get developed and strengthened when there are the challenges!

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