1 Goal Setting Question to Set the Scene for an Awesome Year

Before you decide on any nitty gritty details for what you want to achieve, start first with this one BIG PICTURE goal setting question.

It's so important to ask yourself at the very start and it will set the scene for an awesome year ahead.

This tip is from “YOUR BEST YEAR YET” – an online training to help you design and execute an unforgettable year of positive change. For more details, click here.

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  1. Dear B.
    I recently discover your website. THANK YOU for the wonderful work you are doing in this world. There is so much information and I want to asked if you can recommend where to begin with all the good videos /and articles so I don’t get lost in the process as it had happen in the past . Thank you

    1. Hi Aida! Welcome to our community. I would recommend you definitely sign up for our email list, as we’ll send you a series of emails with our most loved articles, audios and classes that you can dive into free. Plus you might like to start with the Unleash Your Life video series as well – here’s a link to it – https://www.thedailypositive.com/free-video-series-unleash-your-life/
      Just let me know if there is any particular area of your life or mind/body/soul you want to focus on personally in terms of your interests or challenges or goals, and I can be more specific with resource recommendations for you if that helps. Enjoy! Love, Bernadette

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