4 Warning Signs You’re TOO Busy

We feel most alone when we are busy. Running. Rolling through stop signs because you don’t have time to do a three-second stop. Tailgating the car in front of you. Listening to Christmas music while blaring your horn.

You know the scene. We’ve all been there.


God tells us He will never give us too much. The problem is, we give it to ourselves. You may be objecting: “These things need to get done! If I don’t do them, who the hell will?” Appointments, friends to see, goals to attain, etc. The trouble is, our unrealistic pace causes us unneeded anxiety, shakiness, and ultimately burnout. Let this sink in today:

you’re a human being, not a human doing.

I know it may sound cheesy, but it should force the perspective you need. I am a human being, called to exist, create, and love. I am a created thing. I don’t exist alone. The world is not mine to save or control. I can relax and still remain valuable.

Now, there’s nothing like the happy holidays to speed up the pace of our already crazy lives. So I have listed the…

4 Warning Signs You're TOO Busy:

You Feel Sick When You’re Not:

You feel sick not because you have the flu, but because your stomach is in knots, your head is constantly in go-mode, and you can’t sleep. If you feel sick when you’re not sick, this is classic psychosomatic signs of stress. Slow Down!

Stop Signs and Red Lights Make You Groan (Aloud):

I live in Southern California. No one knows the pace of crazy traffic better than the people around here. During the holidays, we drive even crazier (if that’s possible). If stopping at stop signs and red lights makes you feel like screaming, you’re probably TOO busy.

Things Like Exercise Have Disappeared from Your Schedule:

You’ve lost healthy rhythms in your life which remind us of our body's need to be taken care of, rested, and generally, loved. Get back to your routine.

You Have Zero Patience for Small Children, Barking Dogs, and the Elderly:

You might say, “I never had patience to begin with so that doesn’t necessarily indicate that I’m too busy.” Well, then I would propose that maybe you have even less patience than you had before. If you’re TOO busy, your short fuse is now even shorter or non-existent. You’re snappish, short-tempered, and generally difficult to be around. Even YOU don’t like being around you. This is a sign you're too busy to love, care, or value the people the way you should.

Remember this. Bring back balance. Build-in time for rest, for the long pause, and for just being a human being.

What signs do you see when you're too busy? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. So true. I completely agree, and can see myself in all those situations. I have to remember to appreciate the now! Thank you!

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