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In this Happy Healthy Relationships Online Course (with Michelle Farris, Relationship Expert and licensed therapist) you'll discover how to set the foundation for enjoying authentic, balanced, harmonious relationships. Filled with expert wisdom and advice to address 9 common relationship issues, this course will guide you with practical tips and steps you can implement immediately.

Relationships are our greatest joy, and they can also be our greatest headache!

Relationships are the very heart of our life experience. There's nothing else comparable to the joy and love we derive from healthy, happy relationships. However, as human beings we're complex creatures! Relationships are rarely straightforward. The relationship you have with yourself and the dynamic you have with other people (partner, family and friends) can be challenging to navigate.

Happy Healthy Relationships Course
  • Are you having challenges in a relationship right now?
  • Are you tired of relationships not working out, and you want to prepare yourself for better relationship success in the future?
  • Does the same argument, pain point or pattern keep recurring in a relationship and it never seems to get resolved?
  • Have you noticed your needs aren't being met, or you put yourself last, but you're not sure what to do about it?
  • Are you getting into or staying stuck in unhealthy relationships, and you're unsure how to resolve this?
  • Have you noticed that expectations you have of people aren't being met and you're frustrated?
  • Ready to start afresh for happier and healthier relationships?

Harmony & Feeling Great!

  • Imagine what it would be like to FEEL AT EASE in your relationships - knowing how to take care of yourself and how to take care of your relationship so it grows and thrives.
  • Imagine feeling comfortable during the natural ups and downs of relationships - understanding how to navigate and respond to other people's upset, and how to communicate during challenges in a way that supports resolution and peace.
  • Imagine what it would be like to be FREE of past conflicts and patterns that used to repeat and plague your relationships - to instead move forward on a fresh, clean slate to enjoy the happier, healthier relationships you deserve!

Who is this Course for?

This course helps you to create happier and healthier relationships in the following areas:

  • Intimate relationships with significant others.
  • Family members including parents and siblings, as well as difficult or estranged family members.
  • Friendships.

For any relationship that you really care about healing... this course is for you.

The training is particularly useful if you:

  • Have tried self-help but don't have the practical tools it takes to really change things inside your relationships. 
  • Are in an intimate relationship and you're both stuck having the same fight over and over. 
  • Have trouble keeping relationships but have no idea what's wrong or you tend to recreate the same destructive patterns in relationships, e.g. not standing up for yourself, accepting unacceptable behavior like verbal abuse, put downs, "single behavior," someone dominating the relationship, or the other person blaming you for their unhappiness. 
  • Tend toward unrealistic expectations of another person fulfilling all of your needs instead of creating a balanced life and fulfillment from within.
  • Are codependent, and find it hard to take care of yourself in relationships or put your needs last.
  • Are in a relationship with an addict or someone with a more challenging, difficult personality.

Plus - if you've experienced painful relationships in the past, and you want to do your own personal growth before entering your next relationship, this course will set up you for success with the foundations you need for a fresh new start!

Happy Healthy Relationships On-Demand Course

Happy Healthy Relationships

Here's what you'll get when you enroll in the 'Happy Healthy Relationships' course

  • 2 Hours & 6 Minutes of On-Demand Video Training (Michelle guides you through a visually aided presentation of slides with key points and imagery - for easy follow-along learning).
  • SECTION 1: Welcome & Introduction - 2 Videos
  • SECTION 2: Foundations for Happy Healthy Relationships - 9 Videos
  • Each lesson forms an essential part of the overall foundation for having happy and healthy relationships.
  •  The entire course in audio download for listening offline or on-the-go.
  • Complete flexibility to enjoy the training at your own pace, and to revisit it any time you wish.
  • Instant Lifetime Access
  • Full Course Presentation of 223 slides in PDF format to download for easy reference and note taking.
  • Downloadable PDF Action Guide with 57 prompt questions to apply the training to your unique situation - follow along as you go through the video lessons.
  • Access to a private discussion forum exclusively for Happy Healthy Relationships, to ask questions and get support, and to connect with other course participants.
  • BONUS: How to Catch Your Anger Before it Hurts - Michelle's popular 17 page guide for how to better deal with feelings of anger and frustration. Get this free when you register today. 
Master Your Mind Testimonials

Jen D


Michelle Farris is not only one of my favorite MFTs, but also a true voice for a therapist. I get inspired by all of her social media posts which led me to her online courses. I enrolled in all of her online courses and love all of the content. I especially love her Happy Healthy Relationships course. Relationships are hard in general, which include the relationship you have with yourself and the dynamic you have with other people such as partners, family members, friends, co-workers. They all can be very challenging to handle.  In the Happy Healthy Relationships online course, Michelle gives her expert wisdom, advice, tips in the 9 key areas that provide the foundation for the authentic, balanced and harmonious relationships. I also appreciated that it was delivered in easy-to-do modules that any busy individual could keep up with.

Michelle was so supportive and helpful in any questions I had in the community forum. She really helped me focus on my goals to take my relationship to the next level. I highly recommend her courses to everyone who wants to improve their relationships.”

Here's what you'll discover in each section of the course:

Self Care

Self Care
  • What self-care is and how to start building it from the inside out.
  • How to deal with 4 self-care challenges and limiting beliefs that get in the way.
  • The benefits of self-care to you and your relationship.
  • What is self-talk and how to change these thoughts so they don’t poison your relationship.
  • Addressing the hardest part of change - the possibility of outgrowing some relationships.
  • What is real self-esteem, tips for building it the right way and why it’s essential for healthy relationships.


  • What is codependency and how do you know if you’re codependent or just good-natured?
  • The good side of being codependent.
  • How codependency hurts you and your relationships.
  • What causes codependency?
  • People pleasing and how to prevent the resentment cycle.
  • 3 types of control and their impact on your and your relationship.
  • The tasks of codependency recovery and where to find support.
  • Addressing resistance to growth and how to begin to let go.


Relationship Boundaries
  • What are boundaries and how to create them.
  • Why finding your physical boundary is critical to healthy communication.
  • Defining boundaries vs walls.
  • The essential boundary of saying yes and no.
  • The benefits of setting boundaries for you and your relationship & what gets in the way of setting boundaries.
  • A quick exercise in determining your physical boundary.
  • Examples of what boundaries look like in relationships.
  • Handling the answer no & 10 ways to say no nicely.


  • What is detachment and how it works in challenging situations.
  • When and how to use it effectively.
  • How detachment can preserve your sanity and the relationship.
  • What does detachment look like in relationships and some examples.

Healthy Communication

Healthy Relationship Communication
  • What are “The Four Horseman”, their antidotes and - for couples... how The Four Horseman predict divorce.
  • Tools for communicating more effectively: using I statements, validation, checking out assumptions, finding the grain of truth.
  • When to talk it out and when you should walk away.
  • How to listen so the other person feels heard.
  • How the stress response effects communication and makes listening impossible.
  • Why problem solving isn’t enough, addressing gridlock issues.

Anger Management

Anger management in relationships
  • The difference between healthy anger and unhealthy anger.
  • 4 ways to recognize anger early so it doesn’t hurt you or the ones you love.
  • The 3 styles of anger and the goal of each one.
  • The connection between negative self-talk and anger.
  • Giveaways to deal with anger.
  • How to handle someone else’s anger.
  • What to do when you’re angry and what to avoid.
  • Resources for situations of abuse.

​Resentments and Triggers

Resentments and Triggers
  • Defining resentments how they impact you and your relationships.
  • A written exercise that heals resentment and builds empathy.
  • What you can do if the person is abusive or deceased.
  • The role of expectations and assessing whether or not yours are realistic.
  • What are triggers and why you need to manage them.
  • What are the most common triggers and how to find their true source.
  • What to avoid when triggered and how to take care of yourself.

Building Trust

Building trust in relationships
  • Defining trust in relationships.
  • What did you learn in your FOO about trust?
  • How did you have to create safety for yourself?
  • The positive benefits of trust.
  • What are the components of trust and how to build it.
  • What to do when you can’t trust.
  • What are the common relationship red flags, and how these can help you (for intimate relationships) to pick the right person.
  • What are the warning signs of bad relationships.
  • 4 steps for rebuilding trust.

​Making Amends and Repairs

Making Amends Relationships
  • What the difference is between making amends and saying I’m sorry.
  • How did your family handle making amends.
  • How and when to make an amends.
  • The benefits of forgiveness to your relationship and your health.
  • How the stress response effects communication and makes listening impossible.
  • The value of repairs and how to use them.
Master Your Mind Testimonials

Sharon Martin

Codependency Expert

Michelle Farris has put together much-needed resources based on her years of experience helping individuals and couples build happy, healthy relationships and effectively cope with stress and anger. She has a positive and down-to-earth style.

The Happy Healthy Relationships Course

  • A clear understanding of what supports happy and healthy long term relationships, and how to practically implement this in your life.
  • The ability to calmly face common relationship challenges, using targeted approaches to navigate those challenges if they arise.
  • The confidence of knowing how to take good care of yourself in your relationships.
  • The tips and support to live your life free of old relationship patterns and problems - making good choices and taking action to support yourself, your loved ones and your relationship dynamics.
  • The empowerment to be your authentic self, being able to express what you need, being true to who you are.
  • And... happier, healthier relationships as a result, plus all the flow on benefits that arise from having positive relationships in your life!


  • "I don't have the time" - This course is self-paced. You have lifetime access so when you're struggling, just find the lesson that speaks to what you're going through. Growth happens in small but steady steps!
  • "If the other person in the relationship won't change, what's the use?" - By changing your behavior, you change the dynamics in the relationship. Don't underestimate the power of what you contribute! Even with the most difficult people, when one person sets a more positive tone, it makes a difference.
  • "An online class won't work" - This video and action guide walks you through exactly what to do. If you're a visual learner, the video slides are easy to understand, if you prefer audio, that's covered too. Learning relationship skills is like being in school - all you need is the right instructor and easy to implement materials.

Instructor Profile

MIchelle Farris

About Michelle Farris

Michelle Farris is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) and anger management specialist, with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology.

Based in California, she works with individuals and couples privately, as well as providing online courses. As a relationship expert, Michelle offers wisdom and practical guidance across a wide range of challenges affecting relationships, also specializing in anger management, addiction recovery, and healing codependent relationships.

She’s a therapist who “walks her talk”, supporting others in transforming habits that hurt. She advocates the importance of self-esteem, healthy boundaries, personal accountability, and building relationships without sacrificing yourself.

Through her private sessions and online courses, Michelle provides proven strategies, grounded advice and unconditional support to help you move forward, letting go of the past and truly healing so you can enjoy the happy and healthy relationships you deserve.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

This course comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. We are completely committed to providing you with high quality resources. While you are responsible for how you use this course and the resources, and for your choices and actions, we pride ourselves on exceptional client service, on providing relevant and targeted content to support you with real life day-to-day challenges, and if you are not satisfied in this first 30 days, we wholeheartedly encourage you to contact us:

FOR BEST RESULTS: Please participate fully in all aspects of the training.

* Please note our good-faith guarantee is based on your active participation in the course in the first 30 days and does not cover change of mind or change of circumstance.

Invest In Yourself & Make A Difference

By choosing to have happy & healthy relationships you're also creating a positive ripple effect in the world. When you enroll in 'Happy Healthy Relationships', your purchase of this course directly supports 50 meals reaching people in need. We donate to a leading national hunger-relief non-profit who work diligently through their network of food banks, food pantries and meal programs to get nourishing food to those struggling to provide for themselves and suffering hunger, including the most vulnerable in our communities such as children and the elderly. Full details of how your purchase makes a difference is on our Giving Back page.

Master Your Mind Testimonials



After 17 years of feeling like I was in a hamster wheel getting nowhere when I tried EVERYTHING to talk to my partner. Whether I raged, yelled, and or tried to talk to him calmly. I always came away feeling madder and more frustrated than before. NOTHING ever got resolved for me. And NOTHING changed. Not until I took a course with Michelle.

What is it worth to you to have consistently happy, healthy relationships with the important people in your life?

'Happy Healthy Relationships'

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Happy Healthy Relationships. How to set the foundation for enjoying authentic, balanced and harmonious relationships.

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