Have to Have Faith When You’re Not Feeling It!

It's easy to have faith when things are going well in our lives.

But that isn't when we need it the most. Right?

How do we keep that faith when life comes to challenge us?

Those darker times when we're freaking out on life's roller coaster ride.

Those times when it seems there's no order to what's happening in our lives, and we can't find answers to our questions.

How do we have faith when we're feeling anything but faith?!

How to Have Faith When You're Not Feeling It

Scroll down to leave a comment and share with me what's going on for you. Let me know what your main takeaway point was from this video. I'd love to hear from you.

Warmest wishes, Bernadette

When challenged by life & your faith is tested, pause. Remember all the times your faith has been proven. Hold true to your inner knowing.Click To Tweet

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4 Responses

  1. Hi B
    Love your wise words. I have had many issues to deal with throughout my life, trauma from childhood illness affecting me mentally throughout also additional life threatening illness. I always questioned why was I meant to survive when it went from one struggle to another. But in between times I made the best of life and did some absolutely wonderful things. I call myself a survivor but no thanks to people in my life more to the questions I posed to the universe. I saw and experienced events that no one else witnessed. I know they were messages to me throughout my life and I read them and knew something was on my side. In those lowest moments I knew it would carry me through. Getting older has helped me connect to people like you who explain and help us through. Now, 58 yesterday, I feel settled because I realise I am not alone in my belief and I enjoy the wonder and not the confusion. B do you think you have to go through life’s challenges to be able to value wonder of the universe. I love Eckhart too and his message of saying you have to go so low so that the ego gets crushed in order to see the light. My husband has had no trauma all his life he is a good man but is totally into the system of sheeple, he enjoys my take on life but is happy wher he is. Now with your help so am I.;) x

    1. Hi Gill, thanks for sharing your experience. And in response to your question… do we have to go through life challenges to get to a place where we value the beauty of life… no definitely not, however in my experience the people who have gone to low places in their own life and rebounded to higher levels typically have benefited massively as a result – in terms of self-awareness, presence, gratitude, compassion and a long, long list of other gifts we get from life challenges. Does that mean people who haven’t had deep dark challenges aren’t present, compassionate and self-aware – not at all! We all walk different paths and ultimately it’s about having peace and happiness wherever you stand, not about HOW you get there 🙂 Big love, Bx

  2. Thank you for the video Bernadette. And thank you for keeping your message generalized, as far as a “higher power”. As someone who grew up very religious — and is now not. I am still feeling my way around filling that spiritual void, and I’m not one to conclude there is a God just because growing up that’s what I was taught to believe. I will continue exploring that.

    p.s. Love your accent!

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