Has your money story got you stuck? If so, you're not alone.

Money is a hot and sticky topic for many people. There's so much liberation and more abundance available when we see and resolve any limiting beliefs we might have about money.

In this session with Jennifer Longmore, spiritual teacher working with the Akashic Records, she shares the top 5 money belief blocks that keep people stuck (and why/how we pick these up, which in itself is enlightening!) and tips to create an energy shift in your relationship with money.

There is ONE EXERCISE in particular that she recommends you do (something that has shifted the dial for her), and it's awesome! I immediately did the exercise after recording this session with Jennifer, and it felt liberating!

Free Money Beliefs Masterclass with Jennifer

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About Jennifer

Money Beliefs Jennifer Longmore If you're not familiar with Jennifer, she used to be a forensic investigator until she followed her calling to be a spiritual teacher 17 years ago.

In that time, she has conducted over 30,000 Akashic readings and has certified 1000's of Akashic Record consultants in over 100 countries.

She has published 10 #1 bestselling books and is a sought after media expert. 

When she's not teaching, you can find her making essential oil blends with her son, hiking with her dog, and enjoying out-of-the-box adventures with her husband.

Healing Your Money Beliefs with Jennifer Longmore

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you for this free opportunity for money issue. Definitely, I will need to listen to it again.
    I am still dealing with this issue. Today I learned and realize how to work against my money blocks.
    I am pleased and grateful for your generosity for Jennifer and you, dear Bernadette.

    1. A pleasure to share the resources and conversation with you Cecilia. You’ll also find free resources on the menu above where there are a couple of money mindset related tools you can access if that’s useful, and Jennifer’s masterclass link on the page for learning more from her. With love, B

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