The Hidden Meaning in Your Life Challenges

Challenges hold meaning.

The specific challenges you face right now have meaning.

There are things you need to know about challenges that will shift your perspective of life and allow you to be more peaceful and powerful in the face of adversity.

As you listen to this message below, I want you to keep in mind the particular things you are struggling with in your life at present (be it health, finances, relationships, career, overall wellbeing or sense of purpose).

Be prepared to view yourself, your life and those struggles from a different perspective for just a moment. See what becomes possible once you look at things from a new angle.

With love, Bernadette

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5 Responses

  1. As always, B, your timing and wisdom is spot on!!! Thank you for this kick-in-the-pants message that I needed to hear. As always, thank you for the gifts you give to all of us.
    Love you soooooo much!

  2. Technically challenged with posting my blog here B so sent u email. Hope u get it. You can share it on this pg or tell ne how too. What I wrote cd hv been too long or I didn’t write it in this space I just found. Cdnt paste it either. Oh well.

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